5th grade E.A.L. Newsletter By: Elsa, Anna, Caio and Sophie


Dear Reader,

We, the 5th grade EAL students, are writing this newsletter for you. We wrote it to tell you what we learned in our class. Every day we learn something new. Recently, we learned about technology. This newsletter is going to tell you about our technology timelines and the interviews we did.

Enjoy! :)

Fax machines By Anna V.

A fax machine is a machine of communication. It is often used in offices. You need to dial another machine’s number, put in the paper you want to send, and it will duplicate it to that machine. In offices it is used to send paper documents to a different office.

The first fax machine was invented in 1843 by Alexander Bain. Then in 1862 an improved machine based on Bain’s invention was invented. It was called Pantelegraph. People started widely using it in the 1980’s. Between 1983 and 1989 the number of fax machines used went from 300,000 to 4,000,000. Now we use normal paper in fax machines when before they used heated paper which was hard to read and write on. This is my timeline http://www.timetoast.com/timelines/fax-machines

Anna V.

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Interviews By Anna V.

What do you use more phone or e-mail? Why?

1. Email because people can check it on their schedule

2. Phone, because I don't know how to use email

3. E-mail because you can send it from any device.

How much time do you spend on the phone?

1. 8 hours a day

2. 10 minutes a day

3. 1 hour a day

Would you rather be in a house with a computer or a phone?

1. computer

2. computer

3. phone

Television History! By Elsa H.

A T.V. is something very important almost every person has. You might not think a T.V. is something you need, but it is. Some people use the T.V for entertainment, and some people for education.

The T.V. was invented in 1907. It was invented by a Russian Scientist Bonis Rosing, and an english inventor A.A. Campell-Swington. In 1954, the first T.V. with color came out. The first flat screen T.V. came out in 1964. Also, the first apple T.V. came out in 2006. The first 3D T.V. came out in 2010.
I hope you learned something new by reading this. Remember, don't watch too much T.V.!!!

Please check out my timeline :)

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Technology Interview By Elsa

I interviewed three people in my school about technology. It was a third grader named Astrid Hogberg, the vice president of Timothy house, and Ms.Zussman from the technology department. I asked for their opinions and how they use technology.

The first question was, "Would you be able to live without technology?"

Astrid H. said, “ No, because then I can’t eat and watch t.v.”

The Vice President said, “No, because I can’t do my homework, and yes because I can entertain myself without electronic games."

Ms. Zussman said, “No, because it helps me communicate my ideas on a daily basis which I can communicate with other people around the world. My job is about technology. I could, but technology helps me with everything."

The second question I had was, “How much time do you spend on the phone every day?”

Astrid, “5 minutes per month.”

Vice President “5 minutes with my mom or dad at night.”

Ms. Zussman,”Not much, 10 minutes, if my mom calls me.”

My third question was,” Do you like email or the phone the most?”

Astrid said, ” Email, because it is better that you can use emojis.”

Vice President said, “Phone, because you can call a person quickly. It is like talking face to face, but in different parts of the world. Not email, because the person might just ignore it, or not look at it.”

Ms. Zussman said, ”Phone, because the communication doesn't get lost in translation.”

My fourth question was,” What is your favorite app on the iPad?”

Astrid H. said, ”Instagram, because I want to see pictures of what my friends are doing.”

Vice President, “ Instagram, because I can look at my friends pictures and see what they are doing and they can see mine. I can also look at funny pictures.”

Ms. Zusman said, “ Paper, because it allows me to paint, write, sketch, draw, and express myself in different ways. It is like a diary.”

My last question was, "Do you spend more time texting or emailing?”

Astrid H. said, “ Emailing, because I don’t have any texting apps.”

Vice President said, ” Emailing, because I don't have a phone.”

Ms. Zussman said, “ Emailing, in my job it is the fastest way to communicate with other teachers.

This is what everyone answered when I asked questions about technology. I hope you have an opinion too. Thank you to Bella, Astrid, Ms. Zussman, Ms. Singer, and my dad.

Phone- History By Sophie

In 1874 was the first phone invented by Alexander Graham Bell. Alexander was an engineer, scientist and inventor. He was twenty nine years old when he invented the phone. At first you could only call on the phone, but now you can email messages, take pictures, play games and a lot more things. The first phone was invented in 1874 by Alexander Graham Bell. Alexander was a scientist and an engineer. Before the purpose of the phone was to call but now you have many purposes of the phone. Now the phone is a touchscreen and before it wasn't.
In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell had his first long test call made. It was his assistant who called him and Alexander was in Ontario and his assistant was in Paris. In 1877 the first switchboard operated. In 1879, the first small test call was made, his assistant was next door and called him. In 1880, the first phone shop opened by a man called Charles Williams. In 1891, the first long public call was made in between London and Paris.


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Interview By Sophie

What is your favorit type of technology? Why?

Deba answered "My favorite type of technology is the iPad because it is fun."

Adrien answered "My favorite type of technology is the computer because you can have apps on it."

Miss Watson answered "My favorite type of technology is the iPad because I use it a lot."

What type of technology do you prefer, iPad or iPhone? Why?

Deba answered "I prefer the iPhone because it is smaller and easy to carry."

Adrein answered "I prefer the iPhone because you can communicate with others."

Miss Watson answered "I prefer the iPad because you can do reaserch with it."

What type of technology would you rather use for reaserch, a computer or an iPad?

Deba answered "I'd rather use the computer because it is bigger."

Adrien answered "I'd rather use the computer because it is has a keyboard and it is bigger."

Miss Watson answered "I'd rather use the computer because it has a keyboard."

Timeline - Computer By Caio

The history of computers is amazing. The first computer ever built was called ENIAC. It was the size of a room! Can you imagine?! It was built on December 4th, 1951, by J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly. Later on, the 1st computer ever made by Microsoft was a normal desktop, but still very famous. It was built on August 12, 1981. The owner of Microsoft is Bill Gates. Later on, Apple created the first iMac on August 15, 1998. The owner of Apple was Steve Jobs. The iMac back then was like a normal computer. Later on, another computer created by apple was the MacBook invented on May 16, 2006. Later on, on August 1, 2012, Microsoft 8 came out. It is half tablet and half computer. Again, the owner of Microsoft is Bill Gates. This is all about computer history.

My timeline: http://www.timetoast.com/timelines/1st-computer--2

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Interviews By Caio

How long have you been using technology?
Coach Coy: Since kindergarten
Teddy: Since I was 6 years old
Trevor: When I was 4

Why do you use technology?
Coach Coy: It makes life easier, and more efficient
Teddy: To communicate with my friends
Trevor: To get facts, and to play games.

What is your favorite kind of technology?
Coach Coy: iPhone
Teddy: iPhone
Trevor: Xbox360, WII, nook

Do you use technology effectively? Why or why not?
Coach Coy: Yes, because it helps me stay organized. Plus, there is always room to learn more.
Teddy: Yeah, because it helps me stay organized in many ways.
Trevor: Yes, because I use it to communicate.

Thank you for reading our newsletter. We hope you enjoyed it!