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Haaris Malik


Hi, my name is Haaris. As only being 16 and living most of my life in Pakistan, I have not gotten a chance to visit my places outside of the country. Even after moving to Canada, it has been hard for me to travel a lot of new places due to school and other plans. I have created this bucket list to organize my top favourite places I would like to visit. The destinations I have chosen can be found all around the world.

I really wanted to visit Europe ever since I was a kid. Europe has a variety of different locations you can visit in a small area.

I love to visit destinations that have a great view. This could be from the city lights or the sky. It is fun for me to take pictures of these destinations and share it with my family and friends.

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15. Hermitage Bay, Antigua

I have chosen this resort as it is considered one of the best resorts in the world. It is very luxurious and also includes very good deals such as all-inclusive packages. Overall, I would really like to visit this resort

Pictures of Hermitage Bay

Resort Hermitage Bay - All Inclusive, Saint Johnʼs, Antigua & Barbuda
This video shows some pictures of the Resort. This will allow you to see what the resort has to offer and will help you make the decision on whether to visit this resort or not.
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14. Shandur Polo Festival, Chitral Districit, Pakistan

Ever since my cousins went to this festival, I have always wanted to go there. It is known for having stunning views and home to very generous people. There are a lot of sight-seeing points around the area which add to your visit. Overall, a great place for polo enthusiasts or people looking for an amazing view.
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10. Venice, Italy

I would love to visit Venice as it is a city full of water. People travel around on their boats and I would love to experience that. Also, Venice is known to have a very good cuisine and I would also love to try the different foods it has to offer. It is very different to my other bucket list destinations that adds diversity. Overall, I would love to visit Venice to experience all the adventures it has to offer.

Top Ten Things to do in Venice

Venice Top Ten Things To Do, by Donna Salerno Travel
It is very easy to get lost in Venice. This video will highlight all the top things to do in Venice. This will allow you to plan your trips ahead of time so you can save time and avoid getting lost.
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6. Tokyo, Japan

I have heard many people talk about how modern Tokyo is and how it has incorporated technology through-out the city. I would love to try the cuisine and ride a car to get a tour of the full city.

Top Twenty-Five Things to do in Tokyo (watch before you go)

25 Things To Do in Tokyo, Japan (Watch This Before You Go)
This video outlines the top 25 things to do in Tokyo. As it is a very big city, it is very easy for you to get lost when finding new destinations when you are traveling. This video outlines the top things to do in Tokyo so you can organize your travels and save time.
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2. Cappadocia, Turkey

This is one of my most wanted things to do in life. I would love to visit this destination because it just looks like it has come out of a fantasy book. This destinations has hot-air balloons that give you a tour of the whole city and also underground tunnels where people used to live. The sky also adds to the whole destination.
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1. Mecca, Saudi Arabia

As being a Muslim, I always wanted to visit Mecca and perform Pilgrimage. I know many people who have visited Mecca and head a lot about their experiences. It feels like everybody there is united and brings peace to the heart. It would be amazing to actually touch the Kaaba(black building). It is obligatory to perform Hajj(Pilgrimage) a least in your life-time and I would love to visit Mecca as soon as possible. People have been known to completely change after Mecca and have become very humble and polite. I would love to experience that sense of peace and perform prayer with all the Muslims together.