By:Cam'Ron Boseman-Wiley and Jalyn Beaty


Jamaica has a generally average amount of culture. Their language is English, however they have West African influences. Their religion is 63% Protestants, 11% Adventists, 10% Pentecostals, 7% Baptists and fairly 3% Roman Catholic. Jamaica variety of ways, but generally they dress casually, like Americans. Jamaicans wear their hair in dreadlocks. Most women wear muted makeup during the day, and green, red, gold jewelry (the Rastafarian colors.) They mostly eat fish such as; mackerel, saltfish, and crayfish, because most Jamaicans live on the beaches.


Jamaica is only 51 miles wide from its widest point. The area of the country in square miles is 4,244. 80% of the island is mountains. Only 20% is suitable for people to live at. Jamaica has a tropical climate. Rainfall varies depending on the region. It mostly rains in May and October. Hurricane season is from June to November. The temperature are mostly always in the 80's and 90's degrees Fahrenheit.

Pictures of Jamaica

Fun facts


  • Population-2,889,187
  • People show respect or approval for shared ideas by touching fists.
  • Life expectancy 70 male 76 female


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