whats inside a computer?

whats on a motherboard?


CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. It is considered as the brain of a computer. it is usually called the processor. This is where most calculations take place.

CPU fan (cooler)

the CPU fan (cooler) is basically a fan attached or inside a computer, used for active cooling. It expels warm air from inside the computer or moves it to a heat sink.


The RAM is a data storage for your computer. It stands for Random-Access Memory. It is one of the most common types of memory which you find in devices like computers and printers.


The Northbridge (also known as the host bridge) is one of the two chips on a PC motherboard. It is connected straight to the CPU unlike the Southbridge. Northbridge communicates with the CPU using FSB (front-side bus).

VGA port

The VGA port also known as the VGA connecter stands for Video-Graphics Array. It is a socket usually found on a Windows-based laptop or a PC.


The Southbridge is basically a chip which connects the Northbridge to networks, hard drives, USBs and other components inside a computer. It sends data to the CPU otherwise known as the processor and receives data as well.