Here comes the elephant

Learn some new facts about the elephant

Top 10 facts

  • Elephants' enormous ears block the heat from their bodies
  • Elephants are the biggest mammal on earth
  • Elephants' tusks are made of ivory
  • People try to kill elephants' to buy their tusks
  • Elephants are very dangerous
  • Elephants weigh 6.6 tons
  • Elephants are 3.3 meters tall
  • Baby elephants loose their tusks and they grow back over time
  • Elephants use their trunks for smelling, eating, breathing. and grabbing objects
  • Elephants communicate by using their ears

The Elephant poem


I like them.

Ask me why.

Because they are big

Because they are an African animal

Because they are the biggest mammal on earth

Because they weigh 6.6 tons,

Because they are 3.3 meters tall

Because they are grey

Because they have sharp tusks

Because they have enormous ears



Because. That's why

I like Elephant

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Main Message

My main message for the elephant is that people stop trying to kill Elephants for their ivory tusks.