Health Triangle

By: Yanmarcos

What do you hope to accomplish during highschool?

During high school i would like to get as much training, experience, and do as many ideas as i am able to.

What do you see yourself doing after highschool?

Honestly i have 4 years to go to school for, but after i hope i find a good girlfriend/wife and with a good career we could live a happy life.

What do you hope your life will be in your 20's?

In my 20's i think I will have a good job/career and planing on making my dream come true (own my own business).

A quality I like about myself & I would like to change is?

I like my quality to make friends and i also have a ton of ideas and its a good quality, but one that i would need to change is one of being a procrastinator.

People I like to hangout with?

Jose, Mayra, Ashley, German, Girls, Vladimir, Jose. My friends (Hispanics)

Positives & Negatives about My health?

Positives are definitely that I am Healthy, negatives are that i have not been working out lately.

Something new I would like to try?

I would like to try something crazy like skydive from the ozone layer, swim from Puerto Rico to Cuba, or just something abnormal.