May 16, 2016

Mark Your Calendars

May 17 - District Retirement Banquet

May 19 ~ 3rd & 4th Quarter Viking Voyage Celebration

May 20 ~ Last Day of School (1/2 Day) followed by Staff Picnic


Vikings Care About Vikings


Please clink on the link below and enjoy some good spirited fun the last day of school. Please nominate another staff member as “Most likely to…..”. Please know that admin will be viewing these and creating certificates for the staff lunch the last day of school. Please have this done by Wednesday at 8 am.

Have fun!

If you would like to recognize a staff member please feel free to use the link!! Let's celebrate the wonderful things being done at Maple Park for students AND for each other.

Vikings caring about Vikings

Click here to recognize a staff member:

Click here to see the staff members who have been recognized this year:

Words From the Rookie

Got Grants?

The closing of another year is quickly upon us, and soon it will be time for us to start thinking of next year. As a teacher, I loved having the summer to rest, relax and regain my passion for teaching. As you do the same, you may be thinking “I wish I had this…” or “If only I had that…”. If you find yourself thinking these things, consider writing a grant. There are many available and they often have very few applicants. As I read through my weekly fix of Edutopia, I saw this list and loved that they update it weekly to included a variety of grants available. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg as there are many others that could be just what you’re looking for. As you contemplate writing/applying for one be sure to check our board policy on grants. Until then, share those you run across over the summer with your colleagues. Some may not fit what you’re looking for, but may be perfect for one of them!

Student Academics


Please continue to work together to create and deliver engaging lessons. Please review your standards an make every effort to cover each learning standard. I hope you are looking for opportunities to incorporate topics that you find interesting as well.

Student Attendance

Congrats AGAIN to 6C for last week's attendance winner with 95.46%

Student Behavior


Please continue to maintain building expectations while using building processes. Please hold our students to consistent standards of behavior.

Nuts and Bolts

Last day

On May 20th students will start in their Team studies class. Students will move from team studies to the rest of their classes. In Team Studies, if students have purchased a year book, it will be given to them.


As we get ready for May 20th please work within the following guidelines.

  1. Please do not pack things during class. Please teach bell to bell.
  2. Please take measures prevent any disruption form your classroom or others.
  3. Do not move things from your room into another persons room. I realize that it is temping, but this is going to create problems as not everyone can do this.
    1. Please box things in your room and label them.
      1. Please label them with your last name and the number of the room they need to be in next year.
      2. Then leave them in your current room. The custodians will move it when the prep the rooms for paint and carpet.
  4. Purge.
    1. If you have not used it for a few years, you most likely will not use it next year.
      1. If you are not sure if you can dump it because it is district material, please ask an administrator.
    2. Old files may need to be shredded.
  5. Below are a few Scholastic articles with tips for moving and packing rooms.
  6. As soon as our building is open for business this summer I will let everyone know.
  7. Please remember that the desks and chairs for students and staff stay in the rooms.
  8. Please communicate with the people coming into your room. We are all in this together and we all want to walk into a good situation next school year.


Friday the 20th – You worked it out, the year is DONE! Workout attire (or MP Gear)