Goldfields: Women & children

By Maryna


In 1854,there were 4,023 women on the Ballarat goldfields.The Ballaret goldfeilds had grown 12,726 men ,9,135 women and 7,838.There were some women at the goldfields that were single.In 1854, there was no women allowed.Some women finding the gold was difficult for them.There was 5% women single.


Children move school frequently because their parents moved location in search for gold.Often there was no schooling because there was no school bulit.Schools were from tents.The roof was from a canvas material.

roles and responsibilities of women

2.singing and dancing for diggers

3.some women were diggers


5.caring for children

6.make bread,butter and jams

Women and children's health on the goldfields

Children on the goldfields haded diarrhea and womens.Children on the goldfield were very sick and did not have any education.Only some children were alive from diarrhea but some just died from diarrhea.Diarrhea is a very bad disease for children and womens on the goldfields.women on the goldfield were very sick and even had diarrhea.

Women and children health is very importen.When a women gives brith her friends will come and help.It is very insterting to know about women and children's health.Some women and children on the goldfields needed medical things.Women's and children on the goldfields had diarrhea.Women's and children on the goldfields were very sick from diarrhea. Women on the goldfield were very sick even children.