Building and Using Academic Vocabulary

Building A Language Rich Classroom - Use QSSSA

QSSSA is an engagement strategy that ensures total participation and the use of academic language in all classrooms. It is a strategy designed to get students to use new academic language during student-student interactions. QSSSA is a great strategy to encourage our students to speak, listen, read and write. It has been very successful in all classroom settings.( Seidlitz, J., & Perryman B., 2008)

What Does QSSSA Stand For?

  • Q = An engaging, open ended question that will spark conversation
  • S = Students are provided with a signal which shows the teacher which students are ready to share (wait for 100%)

  • S = Stems are provided for all learners, teaches students to speak in complete sentences
  • S= Students share with a partner or with their groups their thoughts
  • A = Assess students either by a cold call, call for volunteers, or have students write out a response

Why The Concern With Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening Skills ?

Language researchers often refer to these four skills as the four different modes of communication. We all know communication is key to student achievement and achievement in general.

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