Concerns for Municipal Government!

Construction, recreational, wildlife protection

The Municipal Government

The Municipal government, is responsible for the events of the community area, and makes laws and provides service for the people living in the community.

Concerns For Construction

Many people are concerned about the construction for new buildings and roads in Markham. For example, "markham road" is currrently closed due to construction, and expanding the bridge. This can be a hazard to peopel's daily route to work, or home. More details on the job can be found here:

Concerns For recreation

People in the local community, have concerns about the increase of industrial buildings being built, and are worried about space for parks and recreational centers. The City of Markham is starting to increase the number of recreational parks and buildings in the community. For example, Markham has built a recreation center in "Downtown Markham", that will be set to host the upcoming pan-am games.

Concerns for Wildlife Protection

People believe that it is important to keep the wildlife in our society safe and protected.

There should be greater attention paid to wildlife protection programs. For example, organizations like WWF, and "Earth rangers", are building a future where human needs are met in harmony with nature.