Danville School

September 9, 2018

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Principal's Message

Hi everyone,

With the first two partial weeks down, we're starting to find our rhythm and smooth out some of the bumps that come with so many new people in one school environment. We are making it through with one person in the office consistently, the pickup process is slower than expected, the OneCall system has missed a couple emails and phone numbers, and through it all, I'm still incredibly excited about the learning going on in all corners of our school, and the strong, positive and caring community that the Danville School is.

The 5th through 7th grade classes have returned from a successful week at Nature's Classroom, on the Maine coast at Ocean Park. This program provides a strong start to the year, focused on teambuilding, hands-on science and inquiry based learning. Also, lots and lots of fun. Many thanks to teachers Emily Shopland, Jessica Settles, Nick Decaro, Stan Zajko and Chris Rapoza as well as Barb Hawley and Laura Witham for devoting their week to this high-energy experience.

I appreciate your patience as we get systems restarted, and smooth out the wrinkles. I'm looking forward to spending more time in classrooms in the weeks ahead, getting to know your children.

Elementary counselor Danielle Scott and I are making a point to be at the front doors as much as possible this fall at the start of the school day - please feel free and invited to stop by and say hello!

David Schilling

Principal, Danville School

Dropoff and Pickup Revisited


Times will be the same as last year. Students who need to arrive early may do so after 7:00 AM, and supervision will be provided in the cafeteria for grades K-7. High School and 8th grade students may wait in the high school hallway, as long as the tone of the hallway is calm, quiet and respectful. Pre-K parents may bring your children directly to their classroom, and Kindergarten parents may escort your children to class for the first few weeks of school, until they feel comfortable navigating the building. Classes for all grades begin at 7:45 AM.


After the first 7 days, we can see some successes, and some areas for improvement. The first thing I've noticed is that the staggered times seem to work against us - cars waiting for older students might be 10 minutes early while younger students wait for someone near the back of the line. So.. we're condensing it to the times below, and adding the following reminders:

Revised Pickup Times:

Pre-K and K: 2:30 PM

1-8: 2:40 PM

9-12: 2:45 PM

Pre-K and Kindergarten Only

If you're only picking up PK-K students before 2:40, please feel free to jump out of the line and drive to the pickup area, marked by a yellow curb. Please pull all the way to the front. This will reduce congestion all around. Other cars will be lined up a short distance back. At 2:40, we'll ask everyone to pull forward. If you're later than 2:40, or picking up older students as well, please just stay in the regular line.

Please pull all the way forward, to the end of the yellow curb in front of the door. I know in past years people have been asked to wait back a bit. Please don't - pulling all the way up allows more cars in at once.

If you find yourself with younger children in the car and are waiting for a high school sibling, please feel free to pull into the fire lane, in front of the school building. This will again create as much room as possible and reduce the wait time for those behind you.

High School Advisory Makeover

Thanks to the leadership of Rachel Keach, Stacy Edgar, and Emily Greaves, as well as strong work by the entire high school faculty, we have a refined, more intentional model for advisory this year. The biggest change is that rather than stay with student cohorts, advisors will specialize in a grade level, and spend time building a program that matches the unique characteristics and needs of each grade level. Anyone who has taught a class knows that it takes a few times to get it right... the same holds true for advisory. Danville is a small and close-knit enough school that students tend to have at least one trusted adult (if not many), an argument for advisors staying with their cohorts at larger schools. We believe that our advisors' time and talent is better spent building a strong practice year after year. Here are the advisory themes for the year to come:

Grade 9 - Teambuilding and Trust

Grade 10 - Introduction to College Studies (an actual CCV college course)

Grade 11 - Portfolios: Documenting and Reflecting on the high school experience

Grade 12 - College and Career Readiness

Afterschool Program Survey

At the close of last year, the Danville School community was notified that due to the loss of the ELO grant, summer and afterschool programming would be discontinued. Currently, we'd like to change that as soon as possible. There is a small amount of local funding left in the budget outside of the grant, and we endeavor to take that money and do big things with it.

We'd like parent feedback on what your afterschool needs are. You can help figure out the best possible program for the money by taking this short survey. Your responses will be tremendously helpful to the planning process.

Due to state regulations, we are not able to offer afterschool programming for our preschool students. Our status as a STARS-accredited preschool would mean that any preschool afterschool programming would need to follow the same guidelines as preschool itself, with licensed teachers (and without state funding for it), time and space restrictions. This is true of all Caledonia Central Supervisory Union Schools.

Parents' Advisory Group - Wednesday, September 19th

The next meeting of the Danville Parents' Advisory Group will be Wednesday, September 19th at 6:00 PM in the Danville School Library. All parents are welcome. The group will be co-facilitated by Superintendent Mat Forest and Principal David Schilling, and provides a chance for parents to provide input on our school, as well as hear about the administration's plans for the future. We hope to see you there!

Athletics Schedule

Monday September 10th

Varsity Girls' Soccer @ Winooski 7:00 start; 4:30 departure.

Tuesday September 11th

Varsity Boys' Soccer @ Winooski 7:00 start; 4:30 departure.

Wednesday September 12th

MS/HS Cross Country @ North Country 4:00/4:30

Friday September 14th

Varsity Boys' Soccer vs Richford @ Home 4:30 start.

Saturday September 15th

Varsity Girls' Soccer @Richford 11:00 start; 8:30 departure.

MS/HS Cross Country @VTC 10:00 start.

Sunday September 16th

3-6th grade soccer @Saint Johnsbury Jamboree. Schedule to follow.