Ms. Cox's 3rd Grade Weekly News

Fulton Science Academy Private School

October 14, 2016

Ms. Kelly visited our classroom for a citizenship lesson this week. The students came up with so many wonderful ideas of how to have citizenship in their community!

Need to Know

19-Field Trip Forms Due

21-Wordly Wise 4

26- Hillcrest Orchards Field Trip

Nov 1- Pumpkin Project Due

Important Reminders

Field Trip!

1st-3rd grade: Hillcrest Orchards field trip on October 26th

Forms are due this coming Wed, Oct. 19th

On Tuesday, November 1st, students in kindergarten through 3rd grade will be participating in Every Kid Votes, a nation-wide mock election to promote citizenship and provide students with a fun hands-on voting experience. For the past three elections, Every Kid Votes' mock election has predicted the outcome of the official election on November 8th! We are very excited to give students a chance to use a polling booth, send them home with an "I Voted" sticker, and teach lessons that help to explain the voting process and our right as citizens to take part.

Pumpkin Project

Pumpkin Book Report Project Information will be sent home today in student folders. These projects are due on November 1st for third graders. Happy Fall!

FSA Connect Mobile App

Dear Parents,

We are happy to inform you that now you can check fsaconnect by mobile app.

Here is how you can access the app:

ITunes App Store:

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The links can also be found at the bottom of your connect page by the other social media links.

A pop-up banner will appear on top of the screen when users access the school connect on their mobile devices.

Site link:

Username: fsaconnect username

Password: fsaconnect password


Reading/ ELA Class Next Week

Title: Tops and Bottoms

Comprehension Skill: Author’s Purpose

Comprehension Strategy: Predict and Set Purpose

Phonics: Words with spl, thr, squ, str, scr

Spelling Words: splash, splurge, throw, thrill, three, strength, square, squeak, scream, throne, strike, scratch, street, squeeze, split

Challenge Words: squid, squander, arthritis, instrument, strategy

Conventions: Singular Possessive Nouns

Writing: Friendly Letter

MATH 3A/3B Next Week

  • Chapter 6: Multiplication Tables of 6, 7, 8, 9

    Use multiplication properties.

    Many models can be used to multiply.

    Understand multiplication by using array models.

For a link to my math newsletter, click here: