For Sale - New house!

House built in 2009! Amazing quality

There is a open house tonight!

The house is the newest wood model available, while the house was built in 2009 is still and does look better than some houses!

Enjoy the added fireplace and new carpet we put in, no extra cost!

We are moving out of the country so we need to sell the house, were not looking for a profit as much as we are just trying to get rid of it!

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For sale now for a low price of $799,999

Read before comming to open house!

Make sure you come prepared to be AMAZED. You will not be disappointed with the quality and building structure of this house! We tried our hardest to put it as low as possible, make sure you take a look before its off the market sold!

This house is a guarenteed best price for you! If we went any lower it would be considered illegal!