30 Years War


Direct Cause and Root Cause

King Ferdinand the second wanted to restrict the worshiping of his subjects. Out raged the people rioted in the streets. This led to many main powers leading campaigns on German soil.

During 16th century the reformation and counter reformation created separate, hostile protestant and catholic camps within Germany's borders each ready to find support if the need arises.

Main Events and Significances

  • Ferdinand is elected Holy Roman Emperor- 1619
  • Ferdinand wins major victory at White Mountain eradicating most protestant movements in Hapsburg region- 1620
  • Defeated Bohemian protestants- 1621
  • Army's lead by Albrecht von Wallenstein over run most of protestant Germany, and a good portion of Denmark-1629
  • At Breitenfeld Swedish armies routed imperial armies, saving the protestant cause- 1631
  • Helped to end the age of religious wars

Main People

The Outcome of the 30 Years War

The war ended in the treaty of Westphalia, which ended many of the major issues

By: Patrick Pfarrer and Harrison Sills

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