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Information For Pathfinder Families / September 19th


Updated Bus Routes....Please Read

Due to an increase in student enrollment and construction on Platte Purchase we have modified many of our Pathfinder bus routes. An email went out to families Friday afternoon with updated bus routes and times. This did not impact all families, but did modify 6 out of our 8 routes. If you have any questions please contact Pathfinder Elementary at (816) 436-6670 on Monday and we will be able to assit you.

The changes in routes will provide a more efficient bus ride for our students and help with arrival and dismissal times. Thank you for your continued support as we establish our processes.


PSN (Pathfiinder Student News)

One of the ways students show leadership throughout the school is our Pathfinder Student News Team (PSN). This team is comprised of 3rd and 4th grade students who express an interest in broadcasting. Coach Masciovecchio and Mrs. Wright lead the team of broadcasters and this is a great way for students to work on public speaking, and for our staff to hear about all the great things taking place throughout our school!
PSN Student News (September 16th edition)

Click here to check out our first student broadcast of the year!


Platte County Homecoming (October 4th - 8th)

One of the best Fall tradititons throughout our district is our annual Homecoming festivities. Our Pathfinder students will participate in the spirit days (See picture below). We also encourage our Pirate families to join the fun on Friday, October 8th for the Homecoming parade starting at 3:00 on 4th Street in Platte City. All schools will be releasing 3 hours early, (12:50 at Pathfinder) for Homecoming.

Click on the picture below for additional Homecoming details!


What happens on PLC Days? (During the Day)

On Wednesday, 1st through 4th Grade Teachers showed students the attached presentation, introducing their choices for Student Leadership Teams!


What happens on PLC Days? (After the kids leave!)

On Wednesday, September 15th, Pathfinder teachers learned all about CLOVER, which is the acronym we will use to teach students about the 6 syllable types! Teachers learned about all of the syllables and practiced some activities they can use to teach students these syllables. Teaching syllable types is important for skilled reading because it helps students decide whether vowels should make the long or short sounds. Throughout the year, ask your students about the syllable types, or CLOVER!


Upcoming Emergency Drills

Every year our school will conduct a series of Emergency Drills to help prepare our students and staff in the event we need to implement one of the drills. We like to inform parents of the drills so they are aware when their child comes home discussing the event, and also so that you can talk with your child about what to do if these situations arise.

Evacuation Drill (Fire Drill):

Our stutdents and staff did great with the evacuation drill. We were able to exit the building in 1 minute and 33 seconds.

Severe Weather Drill:

Our severe weather drill will be during the week of September 20th. We will utilize our intecom system for notification of this drill. A severe weather drill has the students take cover in their classrooms and move to the lower area of our building. We will utilize this emergency procedure if we are under a tornado warning.

Hold In Place:

During the week of October 4th we will conduct a Hold In Place drill throughout our school. A "hold in place" is used if we have a medical emergency and need students to refrain from moving in the hallways, have police activity in the area, or have a situation in the school that requires students to remain in the classroom. During the drill an announcement will be made over the intercom, classroom doors will be closed and locked, and students will not be allowed to move about in the hallway. Learning continues in the classroom as normal until the hold in place is lifted.

Earthquake Drill:

The week of October 21st we will participate in a nationwide Earthquake Drill. Students will be instucted to take cover under their desks and hold on to something stable in the classroom.

Althrough we rarely use any of these emergency procedures it is always important to practice and be prepared if they were to occur.


Parent/Student Handbooks - Please Review and Acknowledge

2021-22 Parent/Student Handbooks are available on the District website here:

Please sign and return the receipt that you have reviewed the handbook.


COVID-19 Quarantine Guidance and Data

Please see the attached quarantine guidance for students or staff members who are identified as a close contact to a person with COVID-19. The graphic outlines the requirements if all parties are appropriately masked, as well as if they are not. These quarantine procedures are in alignment with directives from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Platte County Health Department (PCHD).

We will post numbers of reported COVID-19 cases and close contacts in our District on our website, displaying data from the previous seven days, as well as 7-day rolling average information. These cases will include staff and students, and will only include those reported to the District.

This information will be available on our District website here starting Tuesday, September 7.


Pathfinder Breakfast Menu

Rise And Shine For A Healthy Start!

Pathfinder Lunch Menu

Eat Up Pathfinder Pirates!


Text Notifications

The District uses text messaging and automated phone calls to notify parents of upcoming events and days off, school closings due to weather, and during emergency situations. Newly enrolled families will automatically receive an opt-in message from 67587. If you missed it, simply text “Yes” to 67587 to receive text messages.


Pathfinder Resource Checklist

Hello Pirate Families! At the beginning and middle of each school year, we ask parents and guardians to fill out our Resource Checklist on paper. This year we are asking you to complete the Resource Checklist electronically using this form. This brief questionnaire is your School Social Worker's first and primary way to help you access support services. It also lets us know if you are interested in giving back to your school community. Please do not hesitate to contact your School Social Worker if you have any questions.
Pathfinder Resource Needs Checklist

If you have further questions please contact our school social work, Heather Schuller, at


August & September Parent Calendars

Please click here to access our Pathfinder parent calendars for the months of August and September!


Pathfinder Specific Opening Details

Pleaser refer to this link that describes Pathfinde specific details for the start of the school year and our mitigating strategies.


Keep In Contact With Us!

We want families to stay connected to all Pathfinder information. In addition, we invite you to visit our social media and platforms below.

You can always pick up the phone and give us a call anytime. The school number is 816.436.6670. If you have a specific question for administration, please email us at (Dr. Devin Doll, Principal) or (Mrs. Anna Bohn, Assistant Principal).


Thank you to our Pirates R.O.C.K. Stars!