Kepler 452b

"Earth 2.0"

About Kepler 452b

radius: 4,354.9 miles

mass: 2.98 x 10(to the 25th power) kg

average temperature: 17.6 degrees fahrenheit

length of a day: unknown

length of a year: 385 days

number of moons: none

number of rings: none

current age on planet: unknown


The value of "g" on our planet : g= .262

On our planet we would weigh: w= 19.519

Length of travel: 14,000 light years

Fun facts!

  • Kepler 452b is in the constellation Cygnus (1,400 light years from us)
  • Kepler 452b's star is the same temperature as our sun
  • Scientists believe it has a thick cloud cover, oceans and active volcanoes

Problems and Solutions

  • Scientists believe there may not be any oceans. As a solution to this water problem we can use water from existing pools, rivers, lakes and streams which scientists do believe are plentiful.
  • It is very far away. (1,400 light years) As a solution we can expand our knowledge of space travel and create new forms of transportation into space.
  • There is increased gravity on Naboo.(Kepler 452b). We've adapted to the amount of gravity on Earth over time so eventually it will be the same. Scientists state "It would be like a workout every day!"