Mrs. Carroll's Classroom

Math for College Readiness

2016 - 2017 Lake Nona High School

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Course Description

Math for College Readiness is a math course which serves as preparation for College Algebra and is equivalent to college-level Intermediate Algebra. The course focuses on topic mastery required to pass the PERT Exam and begin College Algebra in the next following semester; including graphs and systems of equations; polynomial, rational, radical, and quadratic equations and functions, complex numbers, compound interest and the future value of money; as appropriate for a student who will be expecting to succeed in required college math courses. In addition, student projects will allow students to explore college admission requirements and applications to better prepare them for their next step. All students are expected to take the PERT Exam at the end of the course, which will corroborate their ability to begin college with no math remediation courses required.

Expectations: Students are expected to follow all school rules including appropriate dress and behavior. Students are expected to be prepared for class and be polite to the teacher and their fellow students at all times.

Homework: Homework will be given daily and is expected to be completed daily. Homework assignments for the week will be posted on MyMathLab. LATE ASSIGNMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. Success in Math 4 College Readiness is dependent on practice of the learned material and the student’s ability to identify their mistakes. For that reason, MyMathLab allows students to practice problems an infinite number of times so that they can reach mastery. In addition, there is Show Me An Example, which allows students to look at a step-by-step example to assist in their understanding. Students must manage their time effectively during each week in order to succeed in this class. All homework assignments are expected to be complete with justification for steps taken and all work shown. There is absolutely no benefit to copying the work of another. Each student should be responsible for their own learning. Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated. A WORD OF CAUTION: It is extremely unlikely that you will be successful in this course if you do not complete the homework and learn from it.

Student Assessment: Tests will count for 50% of each nine weeks grade. There will be an average of 2 tests per nine weeks, and will include both multiple choice and short answer questions. Daily Bell Work and Group Work done in class is worth 10% of the grade. Weekly quizzes on current material and memorized formulas needed for success on the PERT will be given on Wednesdays and will be worth 10% of each nine weeks grade. A college portfolio will be created throughout the year, due to be completed at the end of the course, to allow students to gather pertinent information for college readiness. A cumulative semester exam worth 20% of the overall semester grade will be given at the end of each semester as required by the county.

Materials: Students are expected to have 2 spiral notebooks for this class. One spiral for bellwork will be left in the classroom. Students will also need A LOT of pencils (all math work must be done in pencil – math work done in anything other than pencil will have points taken off.) Also, flash cards are an essential tool for success, so at least one pack of index cards is encouraged.

Technology Use: Each student will have a laptop to use in class. They will need to access MyMathLab online for homework and quizzes. Students will need a calculator to complete some homework assignments and calculators will be allowed on some of the tests and quizzes in the course. However, many colleges do not allow calculators to be used in preliminary math courses, so students will be taught to solve problems both with and without technology. There is a set of calculators available for student use in the classroom if needed on a test or a quiz, but they are not allowed to be taken home, so students will probably want one of their own. CELL PHONES MAY NEVER BE USED AS CALCULATORS IN CLASS.

Extra Help: Tutoring will be available in my classroom every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:20 -3:15 pm. If additional help is needed, a math tutor is encouraged. A list of math tutors is available on the Lake Nona High School website. Email is the best way to contact me since I check email daily. Students may email questions to me at any time and I will answer as soon as possible.

Attendance: Students are expected to be in class daily and ready for class. Success in this class is dependent on learning the material and getting questions answered correctly. Tardy students and absent students lose valuable learning time. Homework assigned on the day of an absence must be made up immediately and is the student’s responsibility to complete and turn in. Any student that is absent on the day of a test will be expected to take an alternate form of the test at a time that the student must arrange with me after school (within a short period of time after the test day). If a student is only absent the day before a test, they will still be expected to take the test on the test day, since adequate warning will be given for all tests. All review material will be available on the MyMathLab website.

Textbook Used in Course: Elayn Martin-Gay. Intermediate Algebra. Sixth Edition 2013 by Pearson. Student will have a laptop signed out to them at the beginning of the school year and are expected to return it in excellent condition at the end of the year. Once they are logged in to MyMathLab, they will have access to an e-text and many other resources.

Course Outline:

First Nine Weeks: College Admissions Portfolio part 1, Solve Equations and Inequalities, Graph Equations and Inequalities, Domain and Range, Operations with Polynomials, Solving Word Problems, PERT Exam Review

Second Nine Weeks: College Admissions Portfolio part 2, Graphs of Functions including asymptotic behavior, Graph Transformations of Functions, Compose and Graph Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities, Scientific Notation and Exponents, Factor Polynomials, PERT Exam Review

Third Nine Weeks: College Admissions Portfolio part 3, Factor and Solve Quadratic, Rational, and Radical Exponents, Expressions and Equations, Piece-wise Functions, PERT Exam Review

Fourth Nine Weeks: College Admissions Portfolio part 4, Measures of Central Tendency, Calculate Simple/Compound Interest, Algebraic Ratios and Complex Fractions, Geometry, PERT Exam Review

(the syllabus is subject to change as needed during the school year)


1. Show RESPECT to teachers, peers, and yourself. There is zero tolerance for disrespectful and/or rude behavior.

2. Come on time and begin working on the Bell Work as soon as you enter the classroom.

3. Be attentive and listen quietly while the teacher or presenter is speaking. Students who raise their hand will be acknowledged.

4. SHOW ALL OF YOUR WORK!!! If you do not show your work, you will not receive credit for the assignment.

Expected Behaviors:

* Honesty, integrity, and exemplary character

* Attentive and active (not passive) participation in classroom activities

* Completion of all homework assignments; review next lesson prior to class

* Present and on time to class with all necessary supplies

* Participation in independent study groups

* Attendance at tutorials after school when you need help, at your discretion

* Leaving the classroom and school materials in the same or better condition in which you found it

* Handle your concerns with maturity and responsibility. Please communicate with me BEFORE a problem (academic or personal) gets out of hand.

Unacceptable Behavior:

* Cheating in any form (copying homework, telling/asking others about a test/quiz)

* Sleeping or head down on desk

* Not taking care of the classroom (trash, writing/gum on desks or walls, etc.)

* Removing anything from the classroom which is not yours

* Waiting until the day of the test to get help with major topics

* Excessive unexcused absences from class, especially if there is a recurrence on test days

** If expectations are not met or there are discipline issues, the school discipline policy and/or corrective actions will be fully implemented (parent phone calls, detentions, referrals, and any other appropriate consequences)