The Freedom Flyer


Freedom Team,

Thank you for another smooth week! I've missed being here this week. Please take care of, recharge, and eat healthy.

A special thank you to Flor and Laura for tackling our flood last week. They handled the situation wonderfully. Each of the ladies worked early and longer hours to make sure our school was safe and clean from the situation. We appreciate your dedication to Freedom! Heather Grim and Kim were also instrumental in helping with the flood. We appreciate your quick thinking and attention to detail!!!

Thank you to everyone for bearing with my technical issues of late, especially the Google Docs nomination form this week. I'd like to blame technology, but I'm pretty sure it was user error.

I hope you are able to take care of lots of things this afternoon. I know there is never enough time in the day, but hopefully these extra few hours will be beneficial. Have a wonderful weekend!

Upcoming Dates

January 26th- SOAR Assembly at 8:00 AM in gym/ Super Action Team Meetings- Math and Reading PLCs at 3:20 PM in library

January 27th- Instructional Rounds with HLES

January 30th- DRA due to Lowhorn/(Put sticky notes on data wall in data room)

Film Festival- Let's represent Freedom!!!!

  • This is the seventh year of the Film Festival, and we are currently accepting online entires through March 16 (first day back after Spring Break).

  • New this year is a Vine category – make a creative and engaging 6-second video using nothing but your mobile device and the free Vine app

  • Fantastic new prizes this year include tickets to an advance pre-screening of a major upcoming feature film, to be shown in a movie theater
    privately reserved exclusively for Keller ISD Film Festival participants

  • Finalists will be honored at an Oscars-style Awards Ceremony, this year to be held at Cinemark Alliance's spectacular XD theater, complete with red carpet and photo opportunities.

  • All the information can be found on the website Students can also follow the festival on Facebook /KISDFilmFest and Twitter @KISDFilmFest

Teaching Is My Passion By: Gail Boushey

I was reflecting with a group of educators from Shakerag Elementary in Johns Creek, Georgia when Linda Ockwell, one of the teachers, said, “Teaching is my passion. Getting better is my job.” The words stopped me in my tracks. When I asked her to repeat them, she said again, “Teaching is my passion. Getting better is my job.” The quote is now recorded in my journal, where it stares me down, daring me to make it my own.

Most of us are passionate about being teachers. We care deeply about helping all students achieve high levels of success as well as helping them become kind and productive citizens. It is this passion that leads us to increase our knowledge and hone our skills, becoming the best teachers we can be. In the article "Teachers’ Mindsets: ‘Every Student Has Something to Teach Me'", Carol Dweck agrees, saying, “You recognize that the growth of your skills is in your hands, and you choose to make that happen.”

How do we get better at our jobs? How do we take the growth of our own skills into our hands?

  • By gaining ideas and techniques from professional literature

  • By observing outstanding teachers in action in their rooms and in professional development settings.

  • By participating in candid conversations with colleagues

  • By setting professional goals, and then taking action in incremental steps that will enable us to achieve them

  • By taking advantage of technology: watching teaching videos, following teaching blogs, interacting on teacher Twitter chats, and more

Having passion is just part of the equation of being a good teacher. Getting better at what we do is what will make the greatest difference for the students we serve.

We’ve already got the passion. Let’s continue to refine our skills and bring greatness to our craft.


If you order a ROCk shirt, you may wear it every Thursday with jeans until the end of the year. The school with the highest percentage wins a coffee/juice bar for their campus staff.

To Order Your Merchandise

– Go to the KISD Web Store

– KISD Web Store

– Log in to the store if you have previously created a username and password. If not, you will go in as a guest and create your username and password

– Under ‘Shop’, all customers (students/parents OR guests) will click on ‘Items At Any KISD Facility’

– Next to ‘School Type’, click on ‘DISTRICT OFFICE’

– Next to ‘School’, click on ‘District Office’

– Next to ‘Categories’, click on ‘ROCK Merchandise’

– Enter the quantity and then click on ‘Buy’ next to the item(s) you wish to purchase

– Click on ‘Checkout Step 1: Additional Info’

– Make all selections from the drop-down boxes, then click on ‘Checkout Step 2: Payment’

– Enter all payment information, then click on ‘Pay Now’

Diabetes Walk T-Shirts

If you purchase a Diabetes Walk shirt, you may wear it every Wednesday with jeans from the time they come in during February-March.