Workout of the Day

Keep your mind and body healthy


Cardio Workout

Try doing at least 3-4 exercises to pump your heart and to tone your body:

Cardio workouts are good for you because:

1. It lowers resting heart rate

2. Promotes weight loss

3. Reduces stress by releasing endorphins



Try and spend about an hour, when free relaxing and doing yoga. It helps you release stress as well!

Here is a video that can give you come ideas :

  • Relax your mind and body by doing yoga every morning and meditating at least for 15 mins everyday.
  • Improves health, and flexibility, and controls the mind.


Pilates workout

Visit this website for an easy-to-follow Pilates workout:

Pilates help with

  1. Making your body stronger
  2. Burning calories
  3. Building your body to be better

Here are explanations to the benefits of Pilates, as well as Pilate workouts with a buddy: