Jensen Bars And Levers

The Information You Need About Levers By Claire Nappier


Levers Are Basic Forms Of Machines. They Help Us Lift Loads With Less Effort. Even Though This Sounds Simple There Is A Lot Going On For This To Work.

Load, Fulcrum, Effort

A Lever Can Be Described As A Long Rigid Body With Fulcrum Along It's Length.

Load: The Object Your Lifting

Fulcrum: Point At Which The Lever Pivots

Effort: The Force Applied To Make The Object Move

Classes Of Levers


When Do We Use Levers?

We Use Levers In So Many Of Our Daily Activities. Some Examples Are Wheelbarrows, Fishing Poles,Staplers,Tweezers,Hammers, Swinging A Baseball Bat, And More.

Mini Infomercial

What Do you Do when You Can't Move Something? Use Your Hands? Oh But That's Too Much Work. Don't Fret Anymore With Lever! Too Heavy For You To Carry? Never Fear Lever is Here. Lever Lets You Effortlessly Move Stuff In The Yard Or Even In A House. Get The New Lever In Stores Near You!