Mr. Kohler's Classroom News

Wednesday, March 5

Book Fair

The annual school book fair is next week, March 10-14th. Our class will go shopping on Tuesday morning from 9:15-9:55. Also, we will be having our Parent Night on Monday (March 10) for you to come up with your child to the book fair. Hope to see you there!

March is Reading Month

We have several things that will be happening this month, since March is Reading Month. We will have the book fair, Battle of the Books (March 11), our daily calendar activity, and our end of the month basketball event. The basketball event will be an opportunity for any of the top 5 fourth or fifth graders in my room to play "Lightning" against their classmates in front of all the students. Also, any kid who played on the 5th grade (boys or girls) travel basketball teams will be able to play a short game against some of the teachers.

Below you will see attachments for the daily calendar events/activities. You will also see a blank march calendar. Please sign any day that your child reads for at least 20 minutes at home. If you child gets 21/25 days they will receive a prize.

Upcoming Events

March 7 Class Pizza Party for getting 379 AR Points last Friday!!!!

March 10 Book Fair Parent Night 5-7 pm

March 11 Book Fair Classroom Shopping Day 9:15-9:55

March 11 Battle of the Books @ BCES 4:00

March 25 AR Points Due by the end of the day

March 25 Kindergarten Round-Up 7pm

March 26 Kindergarten Round-Up 11am

March 28 End of Marking Period

April 3 March Madness Assembly 2pm

April 4 Frankenmuth Carnival (this is a reschedule date)

April 7-11 Spring Break


Both grades are currently working on a whole class novel within their grade level. The students read with me every other day, and they read individually on the days I don't read with them. They also have comprehension activities to work on that go along with the chapters they have read. If you want to see any of these, they are on the class website as PDF's.

The 5th grade is reading Number the Stars. This is an historical fiction book that takes place in Denmark during World War II. I am able to incorporate a lot of the history and facts from this time as we read the book. The students really enjoy the story, and they should be able to tell you about some of the key points people (Jewish and Non-Jewish) faced during this time.

The 4th graders are reading There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom. This is a realistic fiction story that the students love. It involves Bradley (the main character) who starts out the book as someone who is not well liked, and he gets in a lot of trouble. As the book goes on we see Bradley begin to mature and make better choices because of his new friend, Jeff. The students really enjoy the humor in this book, and there are many days I hear them laughing as they are reading silently.

Just a reminder that AR points will be due on March 25th at the end of the day. 4th grade students need 14 AR points, and 5th grade students need 15 AR points. You should have seen (with their progress report) how many points your child currently has.

A lot of the students have gotten into the "Sammy Keyes" series. I read one of these books as a read aloud, and most of the students really got into the book. This is a good mystery series that is at 5th-6th grade reading level.


In math, the 4th graders have been working on their geometry unit. We have been learning about shapes, area, perimeter, angles, and how to use a protractor. This week they have been doing a lot angle work with the 5th graders. Your child should be able to find the area of squares, rectangles, parallelograms, and triangles. They should also know the difference and how to find congruent angles, vertical angles, adjacent angles, and supplementary angles. Look for a study guide to come home on Friday, and our test on this chapter will be on Wednesday next week.

The 5th graders have been working on their unit that focuses on exponents and the different concepts of negative numbers. The students did very well picking up on how to create and solve different problems involving exponents. The concept of negative numbers was a bit more tricky for them, so we have spent a little more time on that. Now your child should be able to add/subtract negative numbers, order numbers that involve both negatives and positives, and multiply negative numbers. They have spent the past 3 days doing whole group lessons with the 4th graders on angles. They have learned how to find vertical angles, supplementary angles, adjacent angles, and congruent angles. They also reviewed how to use a protractor to find the measure of different angles. Look for a study guide on Friday, and your child will be tested on these skills on Wednesday of next week.


Both grades have been working on using their Google Docs recently. We did a "whole class" Google Doc titled "Winter Mess". All of the students have had a chance to add to the story and use the comment section to share their thoughts on the story. I have been using this story as a weekly "revision lesson" depending on what area of the story the students struggled on. This week, I noticed a lot of errors with quotation use. So we spent some time talking about how to use quotations, and we fixed some of these errors.

Today the students started a Google Doc with 1-2 partners. The story is titled "Candy Shop". The students were spaced out around the room and had to both work on the story at the same time. The only communication they could have was by using their comments section in the doc.

Any of these documents can be opened at home to view. Just have your child sign-in to their school account on your home computer, tablet, or laptop. I also encourage the students to work on these writing pieces at home if they have time.

Social Studies

In social studies, the 4th graders have been learning about the geography of the United States and the different people/cultures in our country. We have talked about the different major landforms in our country and the drastic change in landforms from the East Coast to the West Coast. We have also been learning about our culture, customs, ancestors, and heritage. We have talked about how people come from different backgrounds and how this creates a lot of diversity in our country.

The 5th graders have been learning about the early settlements of the United States and Canada. We have talked about how explorers searched for the Northwest Passage, but it was never found. Some of the early settlements we have covered or will cover are: Roanoke Island, Jamestown, Plymouth, New Amsterdam, and Quebec.

Check with your 5th grade student to make sure that they are working on their Explorer Maps at home. They are due on Monday, and the students will have had about 1.5 weeks to work on them at home. If you have any questions about this please email or contact me.

Each grade has just over a week left in their units. So you should expect a study guide, over these units, to come home sometime next week.


Just a reminder that I do expect each student to do a practice spelling test at home every week. This is part of the weekly spelling grade, and I have had some students who haven't been completing this task on a regular basis. Thanks for your help with this.