warrior theroy

by Abbie and Ruby


Identify primary sources and explain how each one helped to support the theroy of his death.


Some evidence is that Otzi had two wounds to his right hand and wrist, which shows he was stabbed with a dagger trying to defend himself.

Other information is that he had an arrow head in his left shoulder. This allowed scientists to know that he was shot with an arrow and that is how he died.

A sharp object possibly a flint tip spear or a dagger logged into the base of the iceman's thumb and shredded the skin and muscle right down to the bone.

below is evidence of his cut.

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Otzi suffered internal bleeding in his brain suggesting he hit his head before his death. This suggests he may of been in a fight with someone. He also had three objects with blood on them his coat, arrows and axe. He also was going up and down the mountain suggesting he was on the run from someone who may of wanted to kill him.
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