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Laura Meyer

Finch Children attacked

On the night of the Maycomb Pageant Atticus Finchs' children were attacked by Mr. Bob Ewell.

when the children were walking home from the pageant when Jem heard some rustling behind them, he thought it was nothing so he just kept walking with Scout trialing behind him. All of a sudden Bob jumped on Jem according to Scout.

"It was the scariest thing I've ever experienced," said Scout. Scout was not badly hurt, just a few bumps and bruises, but Jems' arm had been broken by something or someone. Scout says that she was unable to see what was going on due to her ham costume she was presenting that night. Jem says," it was real quiet and then, all of a sudden, someone jumped on me and I tried pushing them off but he kept grabbing me and throwing me against the ground. Then there was someone else under the tree, and that's all I can remember"

Mr. Bob Ewell died that night, the sheriffs department says he fell on his knife, the good news is that the children or anyone for that matter wont be harmed by him anymore.

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Getting in touch with their feelings

Tom Robinson was shot the night of the trial.

He was trying to run away and the sheriff told him to stop but he kept climbing the fence, so the sheriff shot at him to hurt him or at least slow him down, but his shot was off and killed him. Robinson lost everything that night, he lost the trial, his family, his life.

"I didn't mean no harm, i just wanted to slow him down," Heck told the news.

"I'm glad that nigger died, Its for the best, he was on my daughter, he doesn't deserve to live," says Bob Ewell.

"I just needed help around the house because no one was there to help me, everyone was gone, so i asked him, tom that is, if he would help me do some stuff around the house. He said sure, so I told him what needed to be done and he did it, then i told him i needed something done in the house, so i lead him into the hose and before i knew it he was on top of me and hitting me," Mayella said.

Alabamian wins the gold

Jesse Owens from Oakville, Alabama won 4 gold medals in the Berlin, Germany Olympics.

He won gold medals in both 100 m dash, 200 m dash, long jump and the 4x100 m relay. Owens also set world records in the long jump, 220 yard dash, 220 yard low hurdles and tied the world record in the 100 yard dash.

Owens was born in Alabama but because of racism, his family along with many other colored folks moved to Cleveland, Ohio for a change, for hope to find new opportunities. In Cleveland he enrolled in an elementary school later leading to high school and vocational school which meant employment.

He found his talent for track and field, and joined the Ohio State University track and field team in 1933. He was not one to act out when people would mock him, he kept it to himself until he became famous.

He is happily married to Minnie Solomon and they have 3 children of their own.Encyclopedia of Alabama

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letter to the editor

I would just like to start off with I like this town as my home, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else, on the contrary the racism is not acceptable. I was at a tea party and what those women were talking about was horrible. They were saying how black people are an inconvenience to them, and yet they want to help the parishioners in other countries but instead they should be focusing on what's going on in their own community. First of all the children especially the Finch children are going through so much right now, it's almost to much to handle even for us adults.

From racism to the dust bowl and everything else that's going on in our lives I think its not right of them to talk about colored people that way. We shouldn't be teaching our kids to be rude we should be teaching them how to be kind and fair young adults. I feel bad for the finch family and what they went through, and the people of this town made it harder than what it already was, I thought we were supposed to be a community not a segregation. yours truly Maudie Atkins

Mrs. Dubose's obituary

Mrs. Dubose died because well, she just ran out of time, she died peacefully in her home on Tuesday night, she was a mother, wife, daughter, and friend but most importantly a child of God, she loved to read, so she had the finch Kids read to her every afternoon for a few hours and it did them a favor as well, she taught them to read and she was a happy camper. overall she was a good women this town is at a tremendous lost but heaven gained a great person, rest in peace Mrs. Dubose we love you,

The funeral will be held at the local church at 12:00 A.M. on Friday.