Jackie Robinson

February Black History Report

Jackie Robinson's Life

Jackie was born on January 31, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia.
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What is the most interesting fact about this person?

Even though he is a famous baseball player, he once coached a basketball team.
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How would you describe this person?

I would describe him as a great athlete. He also had courage.
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If you could meet Jackie Robinson, what question would you ask him?

I would ask him how did he have enough courage to be the first black American to be in the major leagues.

Why is he famous?

He is famous for ending racial segregation in the major leagues. He played on the Dodgers team.
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Tell about a time in this person's life when everything seemed to go wrong.

Jackie was arrested and court-martialed for refusing to go to the back of the bus when he was in Army training.
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Jackie Robinson showed courage when...

he was mistreated by other players and fans. They called him bad names and played rough to hurt him.
Jackie Robinson - Mini Bio

The thing that surprised me most about Jackie Robinson was...

Jackie joined a coffee company called Chock Full O' Nuts after he left baseball.