Mount Pinatubo

----------------------Disaster resume-----------------------

ID info

Let me introduce myself, I am Mount Pinatubo. I am located in the Philippines and have the coordinate of 15.1417 N,120.3500 E. Im am in the island luzon about 90 miles away from manila,the capital of the philippines.

Event information

the tectonic plates that affected me was the eurasian plate and the philippine plate. When eurasian plate and philippine plate affected they affected by diversity boundary. both plate moved away from each other causing a volcanic eruption.

Eruption history

I am not an active volcano,i have only erupted two times. My biggest eruption was in july 15 1991. and it was one of the biggest. I am know for leaving a giant crater that has become a lake.(picture shows it) But you may not swim in the lake for safety. If the government did not warn the people living in the area more than 5,000 would have died. My eruption cause a lot of deaths,around 837 died include an military air base destroyed. Ash is what I felt behind in not damaged cities and towns.My first eruption was in 1912 but it was small and not much data was made.


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By alejandro campos