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January 17, 2020

Important Dates and Information

January 20th: NO SCHOOL~Thank you Dr. King!!!~

January 21st: Compare and Contrast assessment

January 24th: PTSA Dance@ 6:30

January 28th: PTSA Panera Night@ 5:00

January 31st: Revolutionary War Project Due

What's Happening in 5th Grade?


We are so excited to announce that Mrs. Thompson will have a student-teacher for the next 12 weeks! We would like to welcome Ms.Kylie Dickson (Ms. D), a student from Park University. She is excited to get to know the kids and assist in their education.


  • Please check your child's planner to monitor their behavior chart, and keep updated on what we are doing in class.
  • When going through your child's trapper, make sure they are with you and are not throwing away important paperwork.
  • Daily Homework includes: Reading every night for 30 minutes and Math Fact Practice

Winter Gear

Through the winter season, please make sure your child is coming to school dressed appropriately for the temperature. We DO go outside for recess if the wind chill is above 20 degrees.

Suggested attire:
- Heavy coat

- Hat

- Gloves

- Closed-toe shoes

- Scarf

If you need any assistance in getting these items for your child, please contact your child's homeroom teacher, or Stephanie Richison (, and we will be more than happy to help out.


We are continuing to review division of whole numbers. With the snow day and the need for additional review, we will plan on taking our final assessment on Thursday of next week (January 23rd). You can help your student prepare by working through division problems using different methods. Below you can find two videos to help with methods you may be less familiar with.

Area Model

Partial Quotients Method

The online practice assessment will be available until Thursday, January 23rd!

Homework (optional): Online Practice Assessment


How to login: Username: student email (example:

Password: pc followed by the student's computer password (example: pc1234567)

Current Homework: click on the "Classes" icon and it should lead you to current available assignments.

If you need log-in information or have any questions, please email me directly. Thank you!


We will be assessing on Compare and Contrast using fiction text on Tuesday. Our next unit will be compare and contrast using non-fiction text starting Wednesday.

We are currently reading our next class novel. It is Where the Red Fern Grows. This text will be used in teaching reading concepts. For those of you who are aware of the book, you know that it is a difficult book to read, but will leave a lasting impression on the students. They are aware that it is supposed to be a very sad book. I feel it is good for kids to see the power of words and how a good writer can bring out strong emotions in a reader.

Our next writing piece is Evidence based arguments. We are beginning our unit next week with lessons on how to write an opening paragraph. We will talk about hooks, thesis statements, and supportive arguments to persuade a reader to buy into their argument.

New AR goals are set and many students have points already. Please discuss with your child about what their goal is and what their plan of action is to complete it.

For homework, the kids will have a nightly requirement of reading for 30 minutes. I was informed by many kids that they are not reading at home. This is currently all I am giving as an expectation for them. We had our first celebration with several kids participating. I hope to have an even greater number this quarter! I know they have a stronger understanding of the importance of pacing themselves to ensure they have a better chance to meet their goals. AR is an expectation that they will have all through middle school, so developing these habits and fulfilling requirements is good to figure out now as they approach actual letter grades.Be watching for your midterm slips to sign next Friday.


We concluded our unit on Earth's Systems with a final assessment on Thursday. Our next unit is about Earth's Water and consists of the following topics:

Lesson 1: The Water Cycle

Lesson 2: Earth's Fresh Water

Lesson 3: Earth's Ocean

Social Studies

We are currently in our unit about causes of the Revolutionary War. We have covered taxes, Boston Massacre, Coercive Acts, and the Boston Tea Party. We will take a couple of days next week to honor Dr. Martin Luther King and the impact he had on the Civil Rights Movement. I anticipate a test on Revolutionary War Causes the late in the week of January 27th. I will notify you of the date as it becomes evident.

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