Office 365 for Collaboration

Beginning Session


Use Office 365 for instruction, collaboration, assignments, communication, and more.

This session highlights best practices for utilizing Office 365’s collaborative features to

help you integrate them to increase the effectiveness of PLCs as well as classroom

instruction. OneDrive provides users with unlimited cloud based storage so there is no

more need of CDs or thumb drives.

Big picture


  • Explore how to share files in OneDrive and manage the file permissions.
  • Explore how to utilize OneDrive to organize and increase collaboration for classroom activities.
  • Experience a blended learning environment and how Office 365 tools can be utilized.

Success Criteria:

  • Participants can edit a shared file and understand how students could work on the same file at the same time to collaborate.
  • Participants will know the difference between in Online and Installed Office 365 products.
  • Participants can share a file and edit the sharing permissions.
  • Participants can get a shared link for a file to send to students or colleagues.

Bell Work:

  • Login to the computer
  • Visit this Padlet
  • Click on the Bell work link and complete the Form


Participants will complete Tasks 1, 2, and 3 at their own pace to experience different aspects of using OneDrive for collaboration. The instructional technology coach will call participants over to the teacher station based on the results of the bell work and what the participants feel like they need the most.

Task 1:

  • Read the Article: Collaborative Learning: Group Work
  • Click on the Shared PPT from the Padlet and answer the questions on the PPT on the slide that matches your student number

Task 2:

  • Watch the Video on the Padlet
  • Click on the Shared Word Document and answer the required questions beside your number. (Don't forge to Open in Word Online)
  • Follow the directions on the Word Document to use the comment option to leave a comment by another student's response either agreeing or disagreeing with their statement and your reasoning behind your opinion.

Task 3:

  • Go through the tutorial for Collaborating in the classroom with the OneNote Class Notebook.

Collaborate with Teacher Station:

  • Finish Early activities include a Quizizz on OneDrive and Office 365
  • Watch a short video about SWAY and create an All About Me SWAY Presentation

Collaborate with Teacher Station:

  • Using the results from the Form completed for bell work, show the teachers how you can download the results in Excel and how to filter.
  • Group participants based on their biggest weakness.
  • Choices: Online vs. Installed Office, Saving files to OneDrive, Sharing Files in OneDrive, and Immersive Reader.

Closure Activity:

  • Address the questions/comments on the Padlet.
  • Fill out evaluation form.