CrossFit Monticello

June Newsletter

Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Jonathan Barnard for being chosen as June athlete of the month. Jon started his CrossFit journey in June of 2013. Since then, Jon has lost several pounds and several inches. He is also down to just 10% body fat. Over the past two years, Jon's Fran time has gone from 6:50 to 2:51. Jon can now bench press 335, dead lift 415, power clean 245, and squat 305. Jon completed his first Spartan race in 2014. Way to go Jon! Keep up the good work!

Battle of the Classes

This month, we will conduct our first battle of the classes. This battle is going to be bring a friend to CrossFit. Every time someone in your class brings a friend to CrossFit, your class will get a point. At the end of June, the class with the most points will receive 20% off of their July payment.


Congratulations to all of our athletes who completed MURPH!

- Jenny Guthrie 13:02 (C)

- John Harvey 43:08 RX

- Ashley Weast 37:50 RX

- Tiffany Barnard 47:42 RX

- Jaime Harvey 48:00 (B)

- Chris Weast 50:35 RX- 20 pound vest

- Jonathan Barnard 50:45 RX

- Orlando Gonzalez 57:11 RX- 20 pound vest

- Brad Guthrie 63:42 RX- 20 pound vest

- Morgan Curry 63:46 RX

- Laura Briseno 64:17 RX


- 1 mile run

- 100 pull ups

- 200 pushups

- 300 air squats

- 1 mile run

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