The Country Smaller than Rhode Island

European Union

Luxembourg joined the European Union in 1952 as one of the six founding members.

Major Cities

The Capitol is Luxembourg City which is in middle to southern Luxembourg. Esch-sur-Alzette is in very southern Luxembourg, very close to the border with France. Dudelange is even further south than Esch-sur-Alzette. It is basically on the border with France. Bettembourg City is in the middle of Luxembourg. Not many popular cities are to the north of Luxembourg City.


Luxembourg has a constitutional monarchy.


Currently Luxembourg's currency is the euro. Before the euro the currency was the franc.

Fun Facts

-Luxembourgish and German are the national languages.

-Founded in 963

-Luxembourger is the official culture name

-Lost half of its land to Belgium

-Smaller than Rhode Island

- It is only 90,00 square inches long


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