Thank you

I wanted to take a minute and thank you for sharing your children with me. I have learned as much from them as I hope they learned from me. We had a great time this school year, we laughed, we cried, we learned, and we got frustrated then learned through that frustration, but mostly we had a great time. They have made me laugh so much. I loved how they gave me a hard time and enjoyed my little quirks, but knew when it was time to be serious.

Over the school year we have done many great things. We have learned:

  • how to ask questions
  • about Native Americans,
  • made roller coasters,
  • had a great time with our 5th grade buddies
  • how to add and subtract with three digit numbers
  • how to tell time
  • read and make graphs
  • about characters, setting, problem and solutions
  • made a geometric fairy tale character
  • researched monuments
  • made green screen commercials
  • and so much more

Know that I will always consider your child one of my students even when they graduate from High School. I will always claim them as my own and be very proud of all they accomplish.

Have a great summer and I will see everyone in August!

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