They Shall Not Pass

Either Stay or go away. Fight for your rights!

John Adams Has Taken Our Freedom From Us!

A protesters meeting shall be held upon the state capital of Kentucky. We will be protesting against the Alien and Sedition Acts proclaimed by the 2nd president John Adams. We believe he has violated the Constitution and the Bill of Rights! We must take back what is rightfully ours! He took away our rights because of what we say in the newspaper and on the streets. This is our right to the 1st Amendment, our right of speech and of the press.

It will be held around sundown, at the capital of Kentucky.

  • You must bring a valid reason for joining
  • Pitchforks and Torches are allowed
  • Food and Drink will be provided
  • NO burning of farms or family homes

Be Here Or Your Rights Don't Matter.

Immigrants BEWARE!

If John Adams suspects you to be of disloyal conduct he WILL make you leave. Be careful and stay on the good side. But you must fight for your rights!