Anser Law Professional Corporation

By: Osman Alwi

Date & Time

Thursday June 2nd 2016 at 2:15 p.m

Description of Activity

I will be teaching you how to photocopy documents and also tabbing documents in a legal setting. In this smore you will be observing how a lawfirm makes the documents for both opposing counsels and judges as well as for our lawyers


I chose this task because i personally think this is a challenging task that really enhances your skills and abilities. This is also a part of my basic daily routine because, Mr. Farooq, Mr. Chaudhry and other co workers are in court almost everyday. This means that this task is done more likely than others, because I need to photocopy the documents to pass onto the opposing counsels and judges.

Photocopying and Tabbing Documents

1.) Get the documents from the counsels

2.) Look trough the documents to make sure their according to the index

3.) Make sure that their are no staples in the documents

4.) Feed the paper trough the photocopy machine two times

5.) Make sure that the two copies are exact identical to the original

6.) Finish photocopying the documents then make two stacks of the copies beside the original

7.) Then ask the counsels permission to go further.

8.) They will tell us if we need to bind it or whole punch it to put on round head fasteners

9.) Then Bind or Whole punch the documents after making sure you have the front and back page with the according color

10.) Check the Binded or Whole punched documents to make sure its the exact same as the original when done just incase

11.) Pass the documents on to your supervisors

Required Materials

  • Photocopy Machine
  • Special Court Front and Back pages
  • Computers
  • Tabs
  • Binding Machine
  • Whole Puncher
  • Round Head Fasteners

Special Instructions for Co-op Teacher

No special Instructions for Co-op teacher