K-B Classroom Newsletter June 1

Childhood is a journey not a race

End of the year!

Like every end of the year- we will have some changes to our schedule.

This week

-Zoom on Tuesday at 1:30. This is due to my meeting schedule.

-Wednesday NO ZOOM as we will be up at the school for the Summer Sendoff 8-12.

Next week (June 8th to 12th)

Grades close June 10th- if you have not completed work on Google Classroom- please do so. Even if it is handed in late- it still counts!

-Monday and Tuesday- Teachers will deliver diplomas

-Tuesday- NO ZOOM

-Wednesday- Zoom at 1:30- Summer Birthday! The crowns will be in the bags you pick up at the Summer Sendoff. We will sing Happy Birthday to all our summer kids and if the you want to provide kids with a special snack that we can eat together at that time that would be great!

-Thursday- Step up Zoom with First Grade teachers

-at 10:00 we will have a whole grade level zoom with the First Grade teachers

Mr. Shelburne and Mrs. Tarentino

Last week- (June 15th and 16th.

-June 16th- Zoom at 10 - Just a goodbye zoom- kids can pop in to say to hi to friends or teachers before summer vacation is off.

Zoom and Google Classroom

Don't forget to go to Google Classroom and look at the Week at a Glance. This details the activities due this week. Any questions please reach out to me.

This week we will have one Zoom session on Tuesday at 1:30.

It will be about math- please have paper and something to write with.

Please check Google Classroom on Monday morning for the Week at a Glance! Remember Mandatory assignments are in the Week of June 1st to 5th. . Videos and resources do not have to be turned in!

It is very important that after you put info into Google Classroom that you click turn in. I cannot do that for you!


In Math- we still want you to continue to work on Happy Numbers. Happy Numbers aligns with the math program Engage NY perfectly.

Big Idea this week is subtraction! We use lots of stories to help kids understand what the subtraction sentence means!

This week the required assignment is to listen to a math story and write the subtraction sentences.

We loaded into Google Classroom some worksheets. There are three options. You can use Google Drawing to write right on them and then turn them in. The directions are on Google Classroom how to do it.

You can print the worksheet and then take a picture of it.

You can read the worksheet to your child and do the activities on a separate piece of paper and take a picture of it.

Big idea for Reader's Workshop!

This week we are working on comparing stories! The assignment is to listen to the video by the teachers and say what is the same and what is different about those stories.

Writer's Workshop

So this week we will continue working on Persuasive stories. A persuasive story is one that tries to talk someone into something.

This week choose any type of persuasive story to write!


On to our last unit in Fundations! This unit is about writing sentences. The emphasis is on the recognizing sight words and spelling them correctly. All other words can be tapped. Then on using spaces between the words, an uppercase letter to start and the rest lowercase, and ending the sentence with a punctuation mark.

At school we would practice three sentences a day.

There is a list of sentences in Videos and resources in Google Classroom.

There is also a video - the link is in the Week at a Glance from Mrs. Ahearn and myself on what this unit is about.

Lastly Mrs. Gershman made a video the kids can listen to and write the sentences!

Sight Word Practice!

You have all the sight words now!

Practice the tricky ones The assignment is to write two sentences made up of all sight words.

I would keep these sight words and practice with them every now and then this summer. They really need to be solid on these words.

Ms. Buzzell

Please reach out to me if you have any questions!