K-B Classroom Newsletter

Childhood is a journey not a race

End of the Year Reminders!

June 15th- Summer reading night!

June 20th- Field Day at school

June 21st- Kindergarten Musical at 9:00 in the auditorium

**A notice came home last week with information on the Kindergarten Musical. If you have any questions please let me know!

June 22st- Last day of school

Reader's/Writer's Workshop

This week we will be working on finding two books we love that are at a level we are working on to send to first grade for the first few days. We will also work on writing a letter to our new teachers telling them about ourselves!

In our centers this week we will work on recording what we can see growing on our beans, playing go fish, preparing our Hall of Memories, dice subtraction, and using IPADS.


This week we will continue working in Unit 5 in Fundations. In this unit we will work more and more with sentences. This unit introduces a lot of things we have already worked on Reader's Workshop! So it should go smoothly!

Heart words!

Good for summer practice!

the, I , we, can, like, see, my, with, to, me, he, is, little, a, it, said, love, she, was, put, up, look, and, do, are, here, go, you, have, am, what, no, for, has, went, at, in, on, who, they, so, this, that, an, why, when, from, where


This week we will continue working in Module 4.GRADE K MODULE 4: NUMBER PARIS, ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION TO 10

Grade K Module 4: Number Pairs, Addition and Subtraction to 10

Module 4 marks the next exciting step in math for kindergartners, addition and subtraction! They begin to harness their practiced counting abilities, knowledge of the value of numbers, and work with embedded numbers to reason about and solve addition and subtraction expressions and equations. In Topics A and B, decomposition and composition are taught simultaneously using the number bond model so that students begin to understand the relationship between parts and wholes before moving into formal work with addition and subtraction in the rest of the module.

This week we plan to work on Lessons 37-39

Lesson 38- add 1 to numbers 1-9 to see the pattern of the next number using 5-group drawings and equations

Lesson 39- Find the number that makes 10 for numbers 1-9, and record each with a 5-group drawing

We will also play some math games and work on different math activities focusing around addition and subtraction.

Fridays - we will be working on different stem activities

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Thank you for your help with the snacks and lunches!

Please refer to the peanut and nut free snack list.

This list is updated monthly and does address some holiday treats!


Ms. Buzzell

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