JCHS Drop Off & Pick Up

Information for Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors

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Drop Off and Pick Up the Week of May 18th


-Freshman May 18th, 2020

-Sophomores, May 19th, 2020

-Juniors, May 20th, 2020


-Last Names A - M from 8:30am - 11:30am

-Last Names N - Z from 12:30pm - 3:00pm


-Students will drop off all JCHS sports uniforms, textbooks, library books, JCHS materials

-Students will pick up Yearbooks (if ordered), medications from the clinic, and all locker contents


-Please put your child's name(s) in large, block print on an 8.5 X 11 sheet of paper in marker.

-Have the piece of paper in the front passenger side dash window for our staff to read.


Regardless of what you are dropping off or picking up, you must follow the route outlined below. This is for the safety of our families and our staff. If you are asked to stop by a staff member, please do so immediately. Do NOT pass any cars at any time. For the safety of all, please be patient and follow the flow outlined below. Our Fulton County Schools Police Officers will be present to help maintain traffic flow and compliance.

-ALL will enter from the front parking lot/stoplight entrance.

-Cars should take a right, proceed through the parking lot, then enter carpool to the left

-At the front entrance, students may drop off any JCHS sports uniforms to our coaches.

-Cars should then proceed to the stop sign and take a right towards the back of the building.

-At the side cafeteria entrance, Ms. Becker will be available to return any medications from the clinic.

-Also at the side cafeteria entrance, students may exit their cars (only 5 students at a time), and place any textbooks on a cart. Students should follow social distancing rules. There will be adults there to supervise this process.

-Cars should then proceed around the corner, to the right, to the bus canopy.

If you do NOT have locker contents AND you did NOT purchase a yearbook, you may now proceed out the back exit towards Medlock Bridge Road.

If you have locker contents left in the building and/or purchased a yearbook, please proceed to the bus canopy area.

-At the bus canopy, staff will be there to give yearbooks, if purchased, and give any locker contents (if left in the building). Please open your trunk so that they may deposit your items there.

If you do NOT have anything in an athletic locker or in the athletic sports cages, you may now proceed out the back exit towards Medlock Bridge Road.

If you have personal items and/or sports equipment in an athletic locker or in the athletic sports cages, cars should drive to the Home Ticket Booth in the back parking lot plaza.

-Drop off the student to go to the booth.

-Once the student is dropped off, cars should proceed to the back parking lot to wait for their student.

-The student, at the ticket booth, will get escorted (using social distancing) to the locker rooms for retrieval of equipment/belongings.

-After students have retrieved their belongings, students will be escorted to the back parking lot for pickup. Cars will then exit out the Medlock Bridge exit.


Due to AP exams the week of May 18th, we will have a makeup date for students on Tuesday, May 26th, from 9am to 12pm. This will be a smaller group of students, so all cars should drive through the front, traffic light, entrance and proceed to the side cafeteria doors for all drop-off and pick-up of items. We will have staff there to assist with this process.
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Other things to know....

ALL students are keeping their Surfaces over the summer. If you are moving over the summer or will not be returning to a Fulton County School, you may drop off your Surface at the above time, with your textbooks.

All Fine Arts students who have instruments, awards or work to pick up will need to contact their teacher to sign up for a retrieval time on May 11th or 12th. Times will vary by subject and teacher.

A web page is currently being created for underclassmen with Summer Opportunities for Learning. This page on our website will offer recommendations and options for summer learning to help students prepare for coming back to school in the fall. Our Counseling Department is also putting together a page on their website, just for Juniors, to help them prepare for applying to colleges and all of the work that comes with senior year. These webpages should be live by May 22nd.

As always, please visit our website, https://www.fultonschools.org/johnscreekhs, for all information about Johns Creek High School.

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Although this is not the school year we envisioned, we want to thank all of our students and their families for their patience, flexibility and support. Thank you to our PTSA, who continued to work throughout this event to ensure our students, staff, and teachers were celebrated. Special thank you to Jamie Chuven and his JCNN crew for keeping us informed, keeping us laughing, and keeping us in touch with each other over the last several weeks. Thank you to all of our Teachers and Staff who have worked tirelessly to support our students' learning and well being. We miss you Johns Creek! As always, stay classy!