My Results

By Cody Bryan

What My Results Were

When i took the test i scored 14 on the right and 5 on the left. I'm not surprised from this because i am very creative, visual, and i have a good imagination.


One of my strengths is creative. I am very creative because i have a very artistic work, I am a really good thinker and very original. I really like to draw things and make things out of random objects


Another one of my strengths is Visual. I am a visual leaner, i like to see things to learn than hearing it. For example if I have to solve it I would rather see it on the board than hear the teacher say it. I like to draw images to represent things.


I have a very good imagination. That is why I like to draw things and make things out of random objects. Before I do a project or something like that I see what I want it to look like inside my head before i start the actual project. Or i would draw it one a piece of paper like a rough draft or something like that so i can see it before i do it