What is going on?

By: Morgan Johnson; Pre-algebra

How did camp life change Prisoners as a person? A Family? And relationships with other human beings?

People in the camps are forgetting their faith. The people are thinking it is God's fault and they have stopped praying.

They families have been separated. Some people that are 40 years old and have kids that are 18, if they are lucky get put together.

The other human beings are getting along and making new friends to try and help each other through this horrible time.

Themes in the novel

Tuesday, April 28th, 8am


Inhumanity against others: Elie had to contain himself, he had a hard time containing his faith for god. This book night describes the inhumanity of him going through this hard time.

The importance of Father-Son bonds: Eli e had to help himself not forget his father and what he did for him especially with the ration of bread. He relied go his father for support but his he never forgot the love he had for him. His love for his father was stronger than survival and not selfishness.

Religion: The Jews always and a story time but the Nazis inturupted it and had to go to this big huge camp thing that was awful. He is attached to his tradition even though he thinks that it is all God's fault for these camps.

What does this novel reveal about being a human being?

That me, my religion is something one man would have killed me for. I am a lucky teenage girl for not being in that time era to have to go through that. Elie once quoted " To forget the dead would be akin to killing them a second time." If we just forgot all of those jews that were killed it would be just as bad as killing them all over again. So because i am a human this tells e that i am lucky to not be a jew and be in that time era but to remember al of those jews that died.