Rachel's Update

SWP eLearning: April 20-24


Monday, April 20
  • Waiver Day
  • Meal Distribution

Tuesday, April 21

  • eLearning Day (8:10 - 2:50 office hours)
  • buildings accessible to teachers on a scheduled and limited basis (communicate with your principal!)

Wednesday, April 22

  • eLearning Day (8:10 - 2:50 office hours)
  • buildings accessible to teachers on a scheduled and limited basis (communicate with your principal!)

Thursday, April 23

  • eLearning Day (8:10 - 2:50 office hours)
  • Meal Distribution

Friday, April 24

  • Waiver Day

Google Meet Support Sessions - Now that we're a little deeper into this and the need is less, I'm shifting my live sessions from an hour every day to an "as needed" basis. If you'd like to connect live online for help with something, to try out Google Meet before you give it a go with students, or just to chat, just shoot me a date and time and I'll make it happen! Sunday Mornings and Wednesday evenings are generally the only times I won't be able to accommodate.

iReady Guide for Parents

Add this link to your lessons if you are assigning iReady!

Math Fact Fluency

I want to continue to encourage those of you who teach math (especially K-8) to consider taking advantage of having some extra time by going through Christina Tondevold's Math Fact Fluency Video Series. She will help you grasp the difference between memorized and fluent and give you strategies for building math fact fluency that is permanent. How many times have we gotten kids through acing their fact timed tests and then they seem to have lost it the following year and we're starting over? Focusing on fluency over memorization is the key to ending this cycle! Check out this video series!

USA Test Prep

This is a great time to learn more about best practices and tips for using USA Test Prep! Join one of their free webinars!

How Can I Help?

Supporting you during this crazy and unprecedented time is important to me, so I am trying to make myself as available as possible. Here are a few of the ways you can reach out to me for answers to your questions, suggestions, demonstrations, etc.

  • On eLearning days: You can expect a very quick (sometimes immediate) reply from me by email just like you are on-call for your students.
  • On non-learning days: I will be checking my email once every few hours and will respond to all emails at those times.
  • On Mondays-Fridays, I will make myself available for an hour each weekday for a live Google Meet session for anyone who needs help, suggestions, has questions, or just needs to interact with another human!
  • Practice Sessions:
    • Want to try Google Meet, but not sure you're ready to launch a session with students yet? Practice with me! Just shoot me a date, time and your meeting code. I'll be there and help make sure you know how to use the tool according to our guidelines. (Remember, Google Meet is completely optional. You don't have to use it at all.)
    • I can also do practice sessions of other tools with you or test out something in your eLearning lesson for you to make sure it's working properly before you send it out.

PD Collection

Here's the start of a better all-in-one collection of PD resources you've seen from me. I'll continue to add old and new courses and tutorials to this page.