February 15 - 21, 2016

You are the LIGHT, HEART, LOVE, TRUST, and LOYALTY of Powdersville

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all enjoyed your time off yesterday. You certainly deserve it!

I came across this article called "What Teachers Can Learn from Lincoln." It made me think about how must trust and loyalty you give our students each day! Our students are truly blessed to have you as their teacher. Thank you!

Patriot Family News

Please continue to keep Mary Howell and her family in your in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time following the loss of her mother.


February 10 - Cathy Swafford

February 12 - Beverly Murphy

February 16 - Mark McCall (Over The Hill!)

February 19 - Rebecca Drayton

February 21 - Tammie Collins

February 25 - Megan Cole

Great Job!

Big thanks to Mrs. Nimmer and Mrs. Goforth for their efforts in making our EarlyAct Valentines Fundraiser a huge success. Our school raised $1500 for the the Anderson Cancer Association!
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"Ms. Mac"

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