Chan Hon Goh

by, Peyton Dirkes


Chan Hon Goh is a former Prima ballerina with a big heart and a history of dance in her later family. Her father left China to go to Canada and make a new life for his family. When Chan and her mother got to Canada her career started up a while after she moved to Canada. Her successful career included dancing for a queen, and being a guest performer on multiple occasions.

Background Information

Chan Hon Goh, a wonderful dancer with a background of a dad who loved dance, as well as her mom. She was born on Februrary 1st, 1969. The night of her birth, there was an amazing blood-red moon from which Chan was named after, Chan meaning "to rise", and Hon is the color red. She was extremely close to her father, because her mother had severe rheumetoid arthritis. But, when she was young, her father left China and went to Canada to find better life, leaving Chan and her mother behind for a while. She eventually was allowed to go to Canada, and once she was there, she started training for her soon-to-be fame.


Chan was a very well-known dancer in the dance community. One of her accomplishments was being a prima ballerina. Another was being asked to dance for a very famous ballet company The Royal Danish Ballet for their 250th anniversary. She performed a very tricky but extremely popular ballet called "Swan Lake", at this time, she was just 28 years old. She was also a special guest at The National Ballet of China. She performed The Revolution of Dance "The Detachment of Women". Aside from dance, her biggest accomplishment, in my eyes, was that when she finished her dance career, she made a company in which she gave money to schools in need.


Some of Chan's difficulties were dance-related, some of them were not. One of the dance-related difficulties that I am highlighting is the fact that she was very popular, she had a lot of fans. So the difficulty with that is that she had to be very careful with what she shared with the public, and if she messed up in a dance, many people would be all over it. A non-dance related difficulty was that with all of her success, she was not able to be with her family for long periods of time.

Personal Qualities

Chan was a very good person with a big heart. She was almost always putting other peoples needs before her own. Chan is the co-founder of an organization where she gives a voice to creative communities in different areas in Canada. This organization is called Vancouver's Arts and Culture Policy Counil.


Chan is an amazing dancer with a big heart and a very accomplished life. Her accomplishments really show how much she cares for other people. Her difficulties only make her stronger. And her dancing tells stories that are understood by many.

Biography Poem


Born in China

Lived in Canada

Worked as a Prima Ballerina

Who is an amazing dancer

who loves ballet, her parents, and her family

Who fears death, injury, and unhappiness

Who gives joy to people, love to her son, and a voice to communities


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