Bipolar Dissorder

Made By: Matthew Lerner

What It Is

Bipolar depression is a disorder associated with mood swings ranging from depressive lows to manic highs.

Quick Facts

  1. Bipolar Depression is also called Maniac Depression
  2. About 3 million cases are diagnosed in the USA each year
  3. Mostly affects people age 19-60
  4. Treatment that is non-medicinal is recommended
  5. Most effective mode of therapy is Talk Therapy
  6. 90% of suicides occur in people with Bipolar Depression
  7. People with bipolar depression don't commi significantly more violent acts than normal people
  8. People with mental illness are two times as likely to be victims of violent crime
  9. People still live normal lives with bipolar depression
  10. Medications associated with treatment for Bipolar Depression are not and should not be called "happy pills"