by Madeline

Inuit foods

Inuits ate a lot of animals. They hunted animals and made them into raw meat.They picked berries and ate them. They ate a lot of sea creatures like seals, trouts, cod fish, and whales. They would also eat wolves, foxes, caribou.They only eat wild animals! They do not eat the same food we do because they live in the woods The mothers make the food and serve it. The only thing we eat the same is wild animals. We do not eat everything the Inuits did.

The Inuits had to work like us. The women's would take care of the children because when the men would hunt for food they couldn't take care of the children. Sometimes it would take weeks for the men to come back from the hunting. It would take extra long when they were hunting for the winter because it is cold and they do not want to hunt when it is cold in the winter. Women would also cook the food the men hunted for. They used the animal skin for clothes. They also used it for jackets, and mittens, and scarfs, and hats. The women would sew all the clothes too! They made the blankets, jackets, and clothes. The women had to make all of the clothes their family used. Today, we have stores to buy food and clothes instead of hunting and making our own.

The Inuits by Cunningham & Benoit and The Inuits by Santella

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