Juan Lopez


Do you enjoy killing animals ?

If you do well this blog is for you.In this blog i'm going to be talking about choars and hunting strategys


Well i'm going to get the boring part part over with so.There are alot of choars living on a ranch.I first start by picking up all the animals poop.Next I full up all the animals water bowls and make sure they have a warm place to sleep in.


There is a lot of ways to hunt but it is best to be slow and steady to make sure you don't scare the animals away and be crawling for nothing it is better to shoot with a sniper from a long distance but if your in to using a bow that great to use to hunt.Well good hunting bye


The wilderness is a great place to get away from the city and loud sounds. Personally i kind of like the city but it is cool to just go out of my comforte zone and get to explore new things that you would be able to see in the city.