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Following Directions

Why is it important to follow directions? First, Following Directions ensure safety. By keeping hands to self while standing in line or playing outside with peers, students are following directions or rules of the group or society. Next, teachers have more time to spend on instruction and less time on managing behaviors. Finally, task completion in a timely manner includes directions such as writing your name at the top of the paper, completing the paper and showing the teacher so checking for understanding is addresse

My role as an Early Intervention Teacher who provides specialized instruction for your son or daughter is to determine the breakdown in directions then provide supports. Are there too many? Is your child distracted? Does your child need visual supports as a reminder to expectations? Another role is to share resources with you, the parent, as well as with the caregiver or early childhood environment teacher. Sharing information is part of the educational process. Enclosed is a link on visual strategies by Linda Hodgdon: http://usevisualstrategies.com/about-linda-hodgdon/

What happens if my child doesn't follow directions?

A Tool to Use

One strategy or tool that I use is the "First then" card. First, the child is asked to do the non-preferred task Then the child will get the preferred task! I begin with a very short or easy task. I may do most of the task then ask the child to complete the last part. I want to end "work" on a positive note and be the "giver" of good things. As we progress, the task will be longer to complete before the child is given what he or she wants. Since each child is unique, the time frame varies as well as motivators. This is also known as "Differentiated Instruction." Following directions is probably one of my favorite goals to work on. Why? When a child completes a non-preferred task or two tasks in a timely manner, then progress is evident as a life-long skill is rooted!

Early Intervention Schedule for the Month of May

Early Intervention will not be in session on the following dates:
May 26th (Thursday) and May 27th (Friday)
May 30th (Monday) and May 31st (Tuesday)
Services will resume on June 1st (Wednesday)