Benjamin Franklin

By: Jenna Kulka


From 1706 to 1790, Benjamin Franklin was an inventor, scientist, printer, writer, civic leader, politician and ambassador. First, born on January 17, 1706, Ben was a curious and outgoing boy. Next, he invented the Franklin Stove along with many other inventions. Later, Benjamin Franklin printed many suscsessful pieces that proved him to be a great writer and printer. Finally, Benjamin Franklin was a good man who had lots of success in his lifetime as a printer, inventor, and politician.

Young Ben and Personal Life

In Boston Massachusetts, January 17, 1706, Ben Franklin was born. Ben was the fifteenth out of seventeen children, with seven sisters and nine brothers! His parents were poor soap and candle makers. Ben went to work with his father at age ten, but he didn't like the smell of the candles. As he grew up, he attended the Boston Grammar School for two years. He did very well in reading and writing, but failed arithmetic. His parents figured he do well in the printing industry because of his exceeding grades. When Franklin grew up and started his personal life, he married Deborah Reed. They had three children, Francis, Sarah, and William. Unfortunately, Francis died from small pox. Sarah and William made to live a life and William was the governor of New Jersey. In Ben's final years, he decided to spend his last year in Philadelphia, where he died April 17, 1790, age 84. Twenty thousand people attended his funeral. From 1706 to 1790, Franklin had good personal and childhood life.

Invention Time!

Benjamin Franklin had many jobs that helped him become famous, along with his inventions. One of his first inventions was the speed swim paddle. Since he loved to swim, this helped you gain speed as you swam. A very successful invention was the Franklin Stove. It stood in the fireplace and kept the whole house warm. For over one hundred years, it brought warmth to families. But, Franklin didn't want to patent his invention. He refused to patent any of his inventions because he wanted people to have convenience and comfort. Ben also invented the bifocals, and lightning rod. He created the first library, insurance company, and fire department. Ben also, helped to create the first city hospital, and university. In 1782, he did his stormy-kite experiment. Before this experiment, electricity was considered entertainment. Ben proved it a scientific pursuit. He was the most well known scientist in he eighteenth century. Later, during the time of the Revolutionary War, he had many, many jobs. He worked as a diplomat in France to help win the war for America. He also helped Thomas Jefferson draft the Declaration Of Independence. Benjamin Franklin had the idea for day lights savings time. He wrote "Poor Richard's Almanac" as well. Benjamin Franklin is known as "one of the founding fathers of the United States" and he definitely deserved that title.

Life as A Printer

Benjamin Franklin might have started out small in the printing business but he definitely didn't end that way! Ben started out wanting to print for his older brother, James. James was already in the printing business, and Ben worked as an apprentice for him. James was a good teacher, and Ben was a good pupil. His parents knew this was the right job for him because he was really good at reading and writing. Franklin started to read and write his own articles but he knew his brother wouldn't print them. So, he wrote articles and signed them "Silence Doggood" he slipped them under the door and James liked them! He printed them. At age 17, Ben left his brothers business, ready to start his own. Franklin left Boston, to go to Philadelphia. Ben later started a company with Hugh Meredith. In 1730, he bought Hugh's share of the company. At age 22, he had the Pennsylvania Gazette. He was the official printer in New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. By 1740, he had the largest printing company in colonial America. In 1748, Ben had enough money to quit in the printing business. From 1723 to 1748, Benjamin Franklin worked hard as a printer to gain much success.


Benjamin Franklin was a major part of American history and he definitely deserved that spot. As a child, he loved jokes and having fun. Ben was a fun boy, even as he grew up. Benjamin Franklin was given the title "One of the Founding Fathers of the United States" for all of the hard work he did in his jobs. While in the printing business, Franklin once said, "It is unreasonable to imagine that printers approve everything they write". Benjamin Franklin showed that a poor boy can do anything.


1. Almanac- a book published every year that contains detailed information of a special subject.

2. Apprentice- a person who learns a job or skill by working for a fixed period of time for someone who is very good at that job or skill.

3. Patent- an official document that gives a person or company the right to be the only person that makes or sells a product

4. Pupil- a child or young person in school or under charge of a tutor or instructor.


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