5 Mobile Learning Applications

For The Modern K-12 Educator

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Clickatell is an SMS gateway that is web-based. With this online service, a teacher can send multiple text messages to multiple sources at a click of a button. A teacher could use this to contact all students in the classroom with announcements, or could use it to pose all students a question.
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With Mobl21 teachers develop content for their students that the students can access anywhere using their mobile devices, providing with a centralized resource that they can access anywhere. With MObl21 a teacher could create flashcards for their students to study with, provide them their practice exams, or even provide mini-lesson for the students to access on their phone. Mobl21's primary strength lies in its be a static accessible resource for students; as long as they have their phone they can access the resources provided.
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QR Code Generator.

A QR Code Generator creates a QR code that student's may scan with any mobile device. A teacher could create QR code's in their documents that link to online resources and websites, this way students can read through a physical version of the notes, and scan the QR code to easily access the online resource.
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A mobile application that allows students to record and share audio files. Student's could use this application to create a weekly podcast in social studies, highlighting important events that happened in a country of their choosing.
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Students can create and upload photo's/audio-photo files. With this application, a student can take a picture of something and create an audio file over top of it for sharing. A teacher in a science classroom could get student's to take pictures of local wildlife/plants and then have them create a audio-file over top of it explaining what the photo is of.