Team Logos

Minnesota Wild

The Wild are an average team in the NHL loved by Minnesotans and based out of Americas hockey state always selling tickets to games in good and bad times.
The wild was a good fit for a team name in Minnesota considering the large amount of people who live in the woods and love the outdoors.
The colors are also warm and familiar to Minnesotans with the dark green seen all over the state and is like the trees that grow all over the state.
The Wild changed their logo in such a small way it was just an update to stay current with popular styles.
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Minnesota twins

The Minnesota Twins are a family based team out there to give locals something fun to do in the summertime. The Twins have not been a very successful franchise through the years. The colors used are very light and associated with the game of baseball itself providing a simple way to show what they are. They are named the Twins because of the twin cities in central Minnesota where the team is based out of. The team changed the logo from the two men over the river to a more modern, and simple baseball theme keeping up with popular culture.
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Minnesota Vikings

The minnesota vikings are a growing team with a growing fan base in Minnesota and the states around. They have never won a superbowl but have gone to four and the team is showing great improvement. They chose the name vikings because of the strong scandinavian culture and used the purple and gold because of the Minnesota lakers that left the state just before the vikings were made. The logo changes were always subtle and just made to keep the team looking modern still sticking with the original Viking head.
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