Are Video Games Too Violent

Braden Donihue 4/30/2015

the who what when why how and where

who: The kids who play the violent games

what: the games with violent

when: at home or friends houses


why: parents where mad that there kids could get there hands on theses violent games so easily

how: parents started to complain

Resent studies

New researcher has found no major long term effects of violent video games. If you were to show a small clip of the game instituted of the full narrative.

Historical events

Games have always been violent but the rating system we have helps parents and kids see what age group it is for. this come about when mortal kombats first game came out where parents thought it was to violent for them. Thats how we got the system to help with that.

Why kids are exposed to theses games

Now some of the major reasons for young people are exposed to the violent games are because of there parent will buy them for them or friends will let them play. So even if you thing these games are to violent its a simple fix just don't buy them or do your research about the games.


Omission- some will leave the other side out like gamers will say that it wouldn't effect young kids at all and parents will say that it will effect them in the long run

spine- parents will take there own view and say they are nothing more the violence


Cultural - Because parents view violent games as nothing more the just straight up violence

Historical - Reason of being is because the rating system we have come about in the late 19 hundreds

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