Slavery in America

Sam Williams

Slavery During the Triangular Trade

Slaves during the Triangular Trade were shipped over from Africa over to America. They were shipped over on boats and often these slaves would get sea sick. Many slaves were lucky to make it over in a good condition and being healthy enough to work for there slave owners when they were bought. Slaves slept on bunks right on top of each other. The food they got on the way over was bare to minimum. These slaves were not treated well at all. These slaves resisted to leave in many ways, more ways than you can think of. After these slaves were transported to America, two thirds of them ended up on sugar plantations.

After these slaves were transported over from Africa and were settled in the Americas they were still treated just as poorly. An average slave got up to 5 Hours of sleep. They worked from dusk to dawn, from sunrise to sundown, than only got up to 5 hours of sleep. Than at sunrise they were rudely awoken. Most of the male slaves did the hard labor such as working on sugar or cotton plantations. The women mostly worked as maids in the masters house. Some woman were forced into having to reproduce with more kids to work as slaves later on. Some slave owners were a lot harder on there slaves than others. Some slave owners gave there slaves a lot of freedom to what they could do.

The abolishing of slavery, these horrible times were eventually ended after 245 years. One thing that helped end slavery was the Emancipation Proclamation that Lincoln issued on January 1st, 1863. This was the official end to slavery. Lincoln has a quote as he said "If I could save the Union without freeing a single slave, I would. If I could save the union and free every slave, I would." This was Lincolns view on slavery, but at the same time he wanted to save the union.