Romeo and Juliet

By Leah Hood

The Feud that Lasted Forever

The feud is the one to blame for Romeo and Juliet death.The feud is the one to blame because if the feud didn’t happen then Romeo and Juliet would be allowed to get married. If the feud never happened then everyone that died in the fight would be alive and each side lost family that they loved. They need to see “what a scourge is laid upon your hate that heaven find means to kill your joys with love” (Shakespeare 291- 292). This would show them that they did hate each other once but that doesn’t mean they have to now. Also if the feud never happened then Friar Laurence wouldn’t had to go through all the trouble to get them together. Friar Laurence did want to help get them together with “a kind of hope, which craves as as desperate an execution.” (Shakespeare 69-70). Which means that he wanted to get them together and he thought more open minded than their parents. Even though everyone hates some people but with a good reason and the feud didn’t.


In the Lorax the Once-ler kept cutting down the trees and making a product even though the trees belonged to the Lorax. In the movie the animals tried to stop him from cutting down the trees but he didn't listen. That's like the feud because the two families did not listen to the prince so both the families lost someone who they loved very much. And in the Lorax the animals lost the trees that they needed to live and the Once-ler because he cut down the trees he lost his family and his donkey. If the Once-ler did not cut down the trees and listened to someone wiser than him maybe his family and donkey would have not left him. This shows that if everyone would just listen they would understand more and they would not lose someone that they love.


The song Love Story by Taylor Swift explains that the feud is the one to blame. In the song it says that her dad said to stay away and in Romeo and Juliet the families didn't like each other so they tried to get away from each other. When Juliet try's to find someone she likes her dad says, "stay away from Juliet" so that she doesn't fall in love. This means that her dad does not want to her to fall in love so young and with someone that her family hates. Also because of the feud her family tried to match her with someone else even though she liked Romeo. And in the song it says that everyone wants tell her how to feel and she doesn't like how people do that because she knows what she feels. And then she tells her love that "they're tryin to tell me how to fell" (23). This shows that everyone wants something for her but she wants something else and its because of the feud.